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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to Talk Classical, although I have read some past threads for recommendations and discussions. I'm also relatively new to classical music, so feel free to correct any mistakes. Edit: Link to a similar thread: Musical Thought Experiment Here's a thought experiment...
  2. Blog
    Pandolfi Mealli, Giovanni (1629-1679) - Violin Sonatas - Manze, Egarr, Jacobs - 2006 We knew very little about Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli, even though the curiosity was always enormous after knowing the already mythical myriad and magnificent recordings that Andrew Manze gave to the...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    I am grappling with the idea of hosting a TC Top Recommended electronic works list. Compared to Tchaikov6's various composer lists, which will last about a month each, this is going to be a long-term project. I presume that the threads taking place simultaneously will not be a problem, but TC's...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    All I have to say is please keep your discussion civil. :)
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    Discussion to accompany the top operas list thread started by Faustian.
  6. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Are you a completeist (i.e. someone who needs all of a composer or era's work) ? PS Sorry if I misspelled that. If you are a completeist, this is your thread, to discuss what recordings you have and what you are completeist about.
  7. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    By "get" I mean to understand and or to enjoy listening to the piece. How hard do you try to "get it"? Whether a Bach piece or a Cage piece, whether Mozart or Mördorj. This is very subjective. There is no right nor wrong. There is only open discussion (sharing) of your own experience. It is...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    So hear's a little bit of an interesting question to think about. If you could pick one composer to meet with another composer of a different time era and you were able to sit in on a conversation between the two's music, who would it be? For example, Beethoven meeting with Debussy, Bach meeting...
  9. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    A discussion elsewhere makes me ask: Are there composers who we shouldn't joke about, and maybe members who do should draw obligatory Talk Classical penalties? See the voting list for candidates, or name your own! Discussion, of course, is welcome.
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    This is a really deep classical music discussion (maybe Crudblud and others can be enticed back?). I might need to sit this one out, since it takes too much time out of my listening and I don't know any deep stuff about CM anyway ;) but I can eavesdrop and learn some, too.
  11. Off Topic Pub
    Since there are so many questions raised and issues discussed concerning people’s basic assumptions about life, about their philosophy, about their religious beliefs, indeed, about their very approach to reality and the way their society goes about organizing things, it seemed like a useful...
1-13 of 13 Results