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  1. Opera
    The mountain of sound of Mario Del Monaco? The combination of erudition and fire of Lauri-Volpi? The heroic masculinity, elegance and intense presence of Corelli? The sublime convergence of perfect physical abilities and lyrical sensibility of Jussi Björling. Or perhaps the hairy-chested...
  2. The Movie Corner: Music for Cinema and TV
    Hey there, Not sure where to post covers of movie/TV series soundtracks. Here is an epic orchestral version with vocals of the most epic song from Game of Thrones IMO: The Rains of Castamere. Looking forward to hear your thoughts! youtube link
  3. Opera
    most of you seem pretty experienced around these parts, but I thought this would make for interesting convo. here are some common mistakes young people make when getting into opera. 1) "I can't be a soprano because I don't have a high voice". Many sopranos, even lyric sopranos, have dark...
  4. Opera
    I have a friend who is a Dramatic Coloratura Soprano here in New Zealand and is wanting to perform in Europe but is having a hard time finding information on how to get into that performance circuit? Any ideas on how she can pursue that?
  5. Opera
    straightforward enough. which do you prefer to listen to?
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    So sebelius and the like .... The violin concerto is amazing - engaging, thrilling and gorgeous. I excitedly commenced exploring some of his symphonies - only to discover its like listening to ver pleasant and at times dramatic incidental film music i.e. all atmosphere but incoherent. Do I lack...
  7. Vocal Music
    Disclaimer: no political affiliations are implied in this thread. I am actually a hardcore capitalist, just one who happens to have a penchant for Eastern European music and exceptional voices. for starters, my favorite baritone, Mykola Kondratyuk: a dramatic baritone with an elegant, bass-like...
  8. Opera
    Today we have lyrical and dramatic tenors. We have coloratura sopranos. Long time ago you were just a tenor or a soprano, but of course even then you sing the material that suited you or transposed it to suit. But I'm not interested in this thread to discuss should we do that or not. But should...
  9. Opera
    A versatile tenor. He had a long career and even at the end he could still sing very well, all tough he sang then more in half voice to ease the strain. I read somewhere that in his farewell tour he could sing even 30-40 pieces per performance. And in an interview Pavarotti said that after a...
  10. Opera
    1) is passaggio set in stone or does it vary somewhat within a given fach? (for example, could a dramatic tenor transition at D4 and G4 as opposed to C#4 and F#4?) 2) the Verdi baritone is higher than the dramatic baritone, but more dramatic than a lyric baritone, so would they transition at Bb3...
  11. Non-Classical Music
    can you give me something as tense and dramatic as this? i still want to get into classical and I'm going to try to again, i think this is a good start.
  12. Opera
    I am asking because I am a young baritone (23) and have been out of practice for a few years, but I'd like to get back into classical singing, specifically learning opera roles (once I've taken 6-12 months to re-establish technique of course). naturally, my point is not that I want to rush into...
  13. Opera
    the more I listen to female opera singers, it seems like timbre is correlated more with how lyric/dramatic the voice is rather than the range. more specifically, it seems like the timbre of the middle voice is more correlated with vocal weight while the timbre of the head voice is more...
  14. Opera
    Truly a masterpiece of our ages. Now if we can get the Met to perform this anti-operatic opera. And much more dramatic than Puccini to my ears :). J/k It's different but menacing in a harrowing way. Worth a listen folks.
  15. Opera
    not necessarily your favorite singer of each fach, or even the one you feel is the "best", but the one which represents said fach the best imo lyric coloratura soprano: Ingeborg Hallstein light lyric soprano: Barbara Bonney dramatic coloratura soprano: Joan Sutherland full lyric soprano...
  16. Solved Cases (archive)
    Any idea from what works are these two dramatic introductions?
  17. Opera
    what are you thoughts on Diana Damrau? imo... 1) She is a respectable vocalist with a strong lyric coloratura voice. She is about as dramatic as Maria Callas is soubrette. 2) The timbre of her voice never really did it for me. It's got to be the most icy soprano voice around today, like if...
  18. Opera
    in my opinion, it would have to be Marisa Galvany. her voice was basically like Maria Callas, but less elegant and with much more secure high notes. a dramatic mezzo lower/middle register and an effortless, spinning dramatic coloratura head voice all rolled into the same instrument. I can't...
1-19 of 19 Results