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  1. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    There's no doubt that Meyerbeer is a pivotal figure in 19th Century music. He was responsible for upgrading operatic presentation that provided the seeds for what Wagner did in revolutionizing theatrical presentation . And arguably, he was the father of grand opera or, as wikipedia puts it...
  2. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    I found the results of the other poll very interesting, but (presumably due to the 15-choice limit) there were some instruments left out. So here they are, in this poll.
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Not sure if this is quite the right place for such a thread. I'll defer to the mods to move it if warranted. Anyhoo, I have very few of Richter's records in my ever-expanding collection, even though I recognize he is one of the greats. I think I've realized the main reason why: I find his...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    After some consideration, I have decided that the poll format didn't fit what I am trying to achieve in a reflective state lately. I have been contemplating the nature of postmodernism within classical composition so I am going to see if I can garner some good feedback from the musicologically...
  5. Musicians
    Yep, I know that it's time to dig up another potentially explosive topic... I know that a lot of people hate Lang Lang and Yuja Wang due to "showmanship" and "copycat-ness." With the spate of Asian musicians, I am curious whether the "conservative" nature of classical music culture sees this...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Well hello, hello, hello, Yesterday I was playing the chamber works of Guillaume Lekeu (1870-1894), namely his Piano Trio and his Piano Quartet, the latter which was left unfinished (d'Indy prepared it for its premiere), and find his music arresting upon rehearing. His Trio is captivating...
1-6 of 6 Results