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    Mahler's Eighth Symphony: The Development of the Chorus Mysticus Mahler's Eighth has a strong reputation, partially deserved and partially undeserved, for being the outlier in the composer's symphonic oeuvre. It also carries the entirely undeserved reputation of being a gargantuan...
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    Understanding Mahler's Sixth Symphony III. Andante moderato Form 0:00~2:00 Theme (E-flat major/minor) 2:00~2:32 English Horn lament (G minor) 2:32~3:53 Theme variation (E-flat major) 3:53~4:54 Codetta (E-flat major/minor) 4:54~7:10 Development (A minor->E minor->B minor) 7:10~8:17 Pastorale...
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    Today marks the 153rd anniversary of Gustav Mahler's birth. Over the past few months, I have written analyses of three Mahler works, one from each of the three creative periods of his life as a composer. I decided that for this occasion, it would be best if I did something very different in...
1-3 of 3 Results