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  1. Opera
    This boxed set has been on my radar as an eventual purchase. I was curious if anyone had it and if so,me hat their impressions of the set were. I see that there are very good editions of Thais, Manon, and Esclarlamonde....and five other opera and other music besides.
  2. Opera on DVD, Blu-ray and CD
    Of all the operas which have survived and been performed despite never having been completed, Offenbach's Tales of Hoffman has arguably existed in the most indeterminate state with multiple performing editions including Choudens, Oeser & Kaye, some very different from others. There now seems to...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Mozart's Piano Concertos No. 20 & 24, in D minor and C minor, respectively, always have a special appeal to me. They are the few pieces that show the "deep and fierce" side of Mozart. For those of you who watched the movie "Amadeus", I can imagine Mozart, afflicted with diseases, treading on the...
  4. Opera
    I'm assuming most of you opera fanatics wouldn't think of listening to a work without libretto in hand. But how many of you just put on the CDs and enjoy the music and singing without reading the story? I have to admit that I do the later quite a bit. And with a lot of the budget priced...
1-4 of 4 Results