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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    I have just found out that Elena Obraztsova died last month. Her rich Mezzo voice played a large part in drawing me deeper into opera back in the 1980's A controversial artist no doubt, but her talent was undoubted. I was lucky enough to see her sing live twice. Two performances of Il Trovatore...
  2. Opera
    I have listened many great opera singers, Maria Callas, Anna Moffo, Kiri Te Kanawa and Renée Fleming singing this aria. it's a difficult aria but I love it very much. Thank you!
  3. Non-Classical Music
    Hi everyone. This is the first video from the concert in Switzerland. They put me in an amazing silk dress for most of the concert but also had me in a leather outfit for the "Indigo Child" martial arts part you might have seen in my demo video. At the last minute, on the day before the...
  4. Keyboard Instruments
    I hurt my right wrist last week while practicing on my piano. My doctor said that I pulled my muscle. My wrist is wrapped up now. I like the sound from my piano a lot better than my keyboard. Should I practice on my piano or on my keyboard after my break? Here is me playing on my keyboard. I...
1-4 of 4 Results