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  1. Opera
    In the 2nd act of Siegfried. It enchants me to no end. Such a magical act. :tiphat:
  2. Opera
    What is your favorite scene/moment from his 10 mature operas? I'll start. I love the wood bird scene at the end of Act 3 of Siegfried. It's so beautiful and magical I never tire of its charm. What's yours?:tiphat: :)
  3. Opera
    What would say is the worst operatic party ever? You know, when everyone is gathered on a beautiful night dressed in their finest, and then there's some horrific angst that just ruins everything. Curious how often this trope gets used, and which is the most awesomely uncomfortable party-wrecking...
  4. Opera
    Hello, Anyone here knows which version of "Ah! non credea mirarti" (Bellini La Sonnambula) is used during the manta ray segment on the 1991 Luc Besson sea documentary Atlantis? The end credits says Antonino Votto, Orchestre du Theatre de La Scala de Milan. It is a live recording and she sing...
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    Ockay this is one of my favorite but not as good as turangalila symphony but it's so gloom and doom, the atmosphere is sinister yet pleasant, i dont consider Messiaen easy lisening but once you understand him you dig is geneous, it may take time but.. you will eventually feel his work not...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    This is all in fun, inspired in part by an anecdote I once read about panic running through the Decca offices with the realization that the aging Ernst Ansermet was running out of repertory to record. ("What happens when he comes to us wanting to record Beethoven?!") Well, we've been through...
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    Trying to find a good piece to end a concert I'm doing. One of the most successful I've ever had was the Liszt transcription of the Polonaise from Eugene Onegin. For some reason, audiences seem to love that. Any suggestions for something new? Have looked at other Liszt but am not taken with...
  8. Opera
    I like the early Callas Normas. Vocally she was at her prime before her weight loss around 53. Did she ever eliminate the high D at the end of the Act II trio or did she maintain it after her voice went into it's serious decline. The bottom and middle of the voice remained good till the end...
1-8 of 10 Results