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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Okay folks, I wont lie, swear to, I absolutly love NONSUCH offerings so far, there LP's are said by some I know to be so-so =medium, I think it's wrongful to say that, since if you put some treble there fine-sounding, I have at least 10 NONSUCH they never disappointed me, In ancient lore...
  2. Non-Classical Music
    I was wondering what are the best Lycia album, since there catalogue is hudge they exist since 1988, so i dont know where to start if i want a real good one?
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    People's agendas are what makes this forum exist at all! This thread here exists because somebody likes, or hates a piece, because it represents something to them, as an ideology, or as an aesthetic approach to life. Sure, we know that opinions do not exist "in" the music itself, and that...
1-3 of 3 Results