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  1. Ballet
    Relatively, I am new to classical music in general, as I only really started listening seriously a year ago. I have only come across two or three pieces from ballet's, would anybody be ale to suggest some good pieces/composers/ballets to explore?
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Here are some 8-bit classics. I really enjoyed those. Anyone else here a fan of 8-bit remixes? :) I really would love to explore more here.
  3. Opera
    I am getting into exploring older singers and I heard a tidbit of Lear's singing and really enjoyed it. Any recitals or full operas I should explore with her being featured? (Her Lulu should be interesting but only thing I heard is her Magic Flute.)
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Mozart was boring. Chopin was amazing. Bach was somewhere in between. Now I want to explore Tchaikovsky, and I'm asking for suggestions where to start :)
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm ready to explore another composer, and this time my choice is Bach. Instead of doing the usual (starting from top and going down the list, listening to every single track), I would like some suggestions on where to start. Which pieces are considered to be the best? Which ones are not worth...
  6. Recorded Music and Publications
    I'll keep this simple. I am looking for some advice regarding these two boxed sets - namely, which one of these would be the best choice to explore this Conductor - beyond his recording of Bruckner's Te Deum that is? If anyone could offer any advice or insight, it would be greatly appreciated...
  7. Non-Classical Music
    A place for likeminded individuals to explore modern/contemporary progressive rock music and beyond...
1-7 of 7 Results