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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Bruckner has a reputation for writing excellent slow movements and I'm just curious what you believe is his most beautiful or your favorite? It can be from any of his works. Personally I only know the 4th and 9th symphonies as well as his string quintet. The quintet does it for me by far. One of...
  2. Off Topic Pub
    Two of my favorite movies. Which is your favorite of the two? :)
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    All I have to say is please keep your discussion civil. :)
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi everyone. This is my second attempt at a favorite operas thread. Before I post the first draft of the list in a few minutes, I will explain how exactly the list will be made. This is how: Round 1 I will post the first draft of the list of operas. After that, I will give seven days (until...
  5. Opera
    What is your favorite aria that you've never seen get any love? Extra points if it is actually an aria that nobody here has ever heard of! I'm probably not going to win with this one, but it's so gorgeous and I never see it done in recitals (except, obviously, the recital this is from!) or on...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    I got myself a month's subscription to the Digital Concert Hall and so far've heard one concert and was very pleased. I was wondering from other subscribers: What's your favorite concert from the archives? Now it is very large, so I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a single common submission.
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    I was wondering which symphonic cycles should I listen to first or which works should I prioritize first. I dreaded at the prospects of listening to Nielsen after his Fourth Symphony which I found far too vague, "silent" and mindbogglingly complex. A bunch of notes being played. Still after a...
  8. Vocal Music
    You know how the last line of the Credo is "et vitam venturi saeculi amen". In a lot of masses, they repeat the line over and over again, a lot of times in a fugal form, and it tends to be really powerful. What is your favorite setting of that line?
  9. Opera
    From 51 on, who's your favorite Siegfried? :tiphat:
  10. Solo & Chamber Music
    Barenboim et. al? Perlman/Ashkenazy/Harrell? Beaux Arts? Or something else that's a favorite?
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone listens to Mexican composers. I was about composers from my own nationality a couple months ago and found a bunch of cool music by them! Here are some of my favorite:
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    My favorite pieces by Bach are his Violin Partitas and Sonatas; I love them so much that I have been tired of them for awhile now, and so I am very happy to have discovered Telemann's wonderful music for solo violin. Excluding piano, I can't even name that many pieces for solo instruments...
  13. Solo & Chamber Music
    what are some of your favorite piano transcriptions? I was just enjoying Busoni's "Chamber Fantasia on Bizet's Opera Carmen" as well as Andrei Schulz Evler's Concert Arabesque on Themes of "On The Blue Danube"
  14. Opera
    We all have a favorite singer. But even they have faults. Di Stefano has many. I just hate how he ruined his voice by singing too heavy roles. But then again I really love him in those roles too. Then there is the attitude. Once he was supposed to sing at the Met, but informed that he was sick...
  15. Opera
    Who are your favorite Wagner singers for the various Wagner roles? Name as many roles and singer as you like? :tiphat:
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    These are some questions that I've had and I've wanted to know what everyone here thinks. 1. Which composers do you think are highly underrated? 2. Who are your favorite obscure composers? (Not so obscure that they are pretty much unknown, so not like your great uncle or anything, or someone...
  17. Classical Music Discussion
    Favorite, not greatest, not essential, not the one you are currently listening to (though it may be!). A sentence, or two, or a paragraph, or a diatribe on why that piece. I am merely interested in hearing your choices. Also, try to pick one. Two at most. No indecision, please.
  18. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    There have been so many prominent Bachs in classical music that chances are you've heard of at least one of them. So my question is simple: which Bach is your favorite? Personally, I can't decide. While J.S. wrote a plethora of amazing works, C.P.E. did write an okay cello concerto, so I'm kind...
  19. Orchestral Music
    Hello everybody, first post on this forum (but have been reading for a while). I've recently started a little blog on classical music and Jazz (if you're interested:, and one of my first posts was about my all-time favorite symphony: Brahms 1. When I was going through all...
  20. Opera on DVD, Blu-ray and CD
    My opera collection is small as I only started building it about 1.5 years ago, but of the dozen opera DVDs that I have, this one is my absolute favorite, so much so that I bought a CD of the soundtrack so I could listen to it more. All the singers are wonderful and the acting is too. It has...
41-60 of 142 Results