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  1. Vocal Music
    I know there is Google and search function, but i want to hear TC expert here. From what i know madrigals were all across europe floorish in italia and england just like in Flander (belgium).But i want to know about the french school of madrigalist, the very best, anything remotely close to...
  2. Non-Classical Music
    I am not sure if this is the right place to put this thread, I feel it could go under either classical music or non classical music. In light of what I have just stated, I am wondering how the people of this forums feel about instrumental mash ups between more contemporary music and classical...
  3. Opera
    That's a good news I think! Here a video showing how it was at the reopening in 2013 and how Iran's opera people feel about it: Seems opera has been very welcomed back to Iran; this video now shows the official footage made at Café Opéra - the cafeteria at Tehran opera house Talar-e Vahdat (=...
  4. Voice and Choir
    I practiced over the years and am quite good. But never had vocal training from a professional. I live in Seattle and here they have men's chorus, Seattle symphony. I feel so intimidated. How can I get trained professionally?
  5. Strings
    After a practice session of 2 hours with sevcik bow technic, I noticed my bow wasn't very straight - or rather - it was straight, but not parallel to the bridge. While my tone seems very nice and solid, it still worries me that my bow is not entirely straight. While practicing before, I didn't...
  6. Off Topic Pub
    Well, may I ask what is your zodiac? :D Just a bit of fun to discuss if you feel like sharing this.
  7. Solo & Chamber Music
    So far I have tried Arrau, Uchida, and Brendel. I still feel like something important is missing. What are your favorites? Would love to hear more recommendations.
  8. Opera
    Lift your spirits, inspire you or just plain make you feel good :) :tiphat:
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    Hello, I learned how to play the first movement of moonlight a year ago. But I'm still struggling with the interpretation. I was wondering what other people think of when they play it? I think about in being love with someone, who feels some kind of love for you. But doesn't feel the same love...
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    Everyone but Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach is starting to make me feel physically sick. Pretty much everything post Beethoven is giving me a serious downer and I have no idea why. Something is seriously wrong. This music is making me sick.
  11. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Always when people make statements like "serial/atonal/modern/Schoenberg's" music is tuneless random noise, I feel like making them listen Schoenberg's piano concerto. So instead of everytime mentioning it in other threads, I thought that maybe I should make a poll about it! So if you have...
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    Here is what I have in Beethoven symphony cycles: Ferencsik Szell Wand Hanover Band Leibowitz Fricsay (can only find 6 of the symphonies recorded by this conductor) Also, I am so into opera right now that I am not listening to Beethoven's symphonies much. Yet I feel compelled to seek out and...
  13. Classical Music Discussion
    Ok, I've got an idea. Just for fun... Share examples of ways people (composers, musicians, artists and the like) have drawn from (or in some cases just plain ripped off) other influential composers, musicians, artists over the years. Reference the original first, by using written and/or visual...
  14. Classical Music Discussion
    I am a newbie. before, I do not like classical music, however because my father often used to listen to classical music, I so love classical music, but I wonder why when I listen to classical music, I feel so peaceful and comfortable, it's like I was in another world very peaceful
  15. Orchestral Music
    IMO a much better work than Symphonie Fantastique and Harold en Italie. I have listened to the recordings of Toscanini, Monteux and Davis. All are impressive, but I still feel like something is missing. What do you think about this piece, and what are your favorite performances?
  16. New Member Introductions
    Let me get this thing out of the way... Hello all. Music is a passion of mine, every aspect of it, from the minute theoretical detail to collecting records. But most of all, it is, I've learned, "vital mental medicine." I think every person has a sound landscape of their own that they feel...
  17. Off Topic Pub
    "I can't believe you don't like it!" Why so incredulous? This is a musical poll, but it has to do with many other sorts of subjective tastes. Could be food, drink, clothing, sports, art, you name it. Multiple options, anonymous. I simply can't and don't feel like relating to the other human...
  18. Vocal Music
    doesn't have to be anything serious, just sing a little blurb and post it. for starters, I'm feeling like a bass today, so here's a silly bit of me singing "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child" PS: of course, if you actually are a talented singer (and...
  19. Opera
    I'm going to a performance of this tomorrow night and really looking forward to it. Sister Helen Prejean is on record as saying 'it is the fullest expression of her story, capturing precisely how she felt as the heart-wrenching events were unraveling.' The opera composer, Jake Heggie, says...
  20. Opera
    like em? not like em? always take em when possible? never take em? :tiphat:
1-20 of 27 Results