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  1. Off Topic Pub
    I noticed quite a bit of science fiction in the favorite short stories thread. I'm a science fiction fan too, and especially as a teenager I read a huge amount of it, around the same time I was getting into classical music. Is there a correlation between liking science fiction and liking...
  2. Blog
    OR 'IDIOTS AND SOCIOPATHS' Two Antony - an Idiot - lives a life of blissful simplicity. In a shed at the bottom of his parents' garden, he has all he needs: a bed, a TV, food, and all of it provided for free. In his little world, where ambition and planning-for-the-future don't exist, he is a...
  3. Blog
    OR 'IDIOTS AND SOCIOPATHS' One Antony - an Idiot - recently planned to propose to his girlfriend, but has recently been dumped. The female in question, Chloe - a Sociopath - decided to dispose of him for some unknowable reason, yet no tears have been shed, no lovers' routines discarded, as...
1-3 of 3 Results