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  1. Opera
    I am surprised at the dearth of material on what Flagstad sounded like in an actual opera house. I just read Flagstad: Singer of the Century on interlibrary loan and was very disappointed as there was zero writing about the magnificence of her sound. Do any of you know of any sources. The old...
  2. Opera
    I've been fascinated by singers who have the really big big voices for years and there is one common denominator they all seem to have: all have large faces from which to project their sound. 1. Sutherland and Nilsson's huge jaws and wide faces are great examples. 2. Callas had very wide...
  3. Opera
    'She is vocalizing in her dressing room and goes all the way down to a C3!!!! She is so young, fresh and very lovely here. Like a slender young Norwegian lass fresh from the farm. She said that even as a young singer it was very easy for her lo sing Schubert lieder that lay in the alto range.
  4. Opera
    I have read for years that Flagstad had the largest soprano voice of all time, but never had heard evidence for this from recordings till I ran across this example from Youtube. I have the Reiner Tristan but stumbled across this alternate recording of Isolde's Curse that is noticeably more...
1-4 of 4 Results