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  1. Non-Classical Music
    Calamity Jane Little Texas Lady Only Me Left To Blame The Sad Clown Left Alone To Fight Start To Think He Can Fly I’m Flying Away Little Bird
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Some of Shostakovich's String Quartets, with which I am currently obsessed, bear the marks of klezmer, and/or gypsy melodies and rhythms. Besides SQs from names like Schnittke or Bartok, which other composers have drawn from folk/klezmer music?
  3. Identifying Classical Music
    I recently attended a string camp in which the faculty played the most beautiful song I have ever heard. It was so romantic, so lovely. The only part of the title of the song I remember is, "Variations on an English _____". I faintly remember the last word started with "P", although I may be...
  4. Today's Composers
    Hey guys! I would like to share with you one of my pieces for an 8-part SATB choir which was premiered last summer at the Bratislava Conservatory. It's a well known Slovak folk song with kinda weird and funny lyrics, but I honestly think it's simply about the attraction between a women and a...
  5. Solo & Chamber Music
    Hi everybody, I'm new here so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. A little context: my emsemble and I are planning on holding a concert featuring folk/traditional music from places along the silk road. So far we've got Greece (Skalkottas' Greek dances), Romania (Bartok's...
  6. Non-Classical Music
    You know, the great dudes from that world: Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, etc, etc...
  7. Non-Classical Music
    Anyone know of any really special music that has folk elements that is not yet discovered by the majority? I just discovered this band Sunhearth that put out one album. Someone is streaming the album here:
  8. Non-Classical Music
    Hello friends. I made a compilation of songs with Jesus, God and Lord in their titles. You could say this is a 2 hours religious experience if you think that Rock can do that. Hope you listen to it and give me your input whether you liked it or not. Take care...
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    The Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra Played folk music in a televised concert. The concert was called 'folk music in symphony'. Good or bad ? Augustblomen (Flowers of August)
  10. Solo & Chamber Music
    Does anyone own the complete set? Is it worthwhile? I know Kempff sets a high standard with this, I'm just not familiar with the early sonatas and don't know if that's a worthy endeavor. I'm a touch hooked on boxed sets... What say you fine folk? Edit: sorry for the feminization of his first...
  11. Non-Classical Music
    The gifted Donegal traditional folk singer, musician and storyteller Packie Manus Byrne has sadly died at the age of 98. Folk Radio has a good article with links to his singing. Here he is on whistle
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    IMHO Stravinsky was the trail blazer of incorporating true folklore into classical music. One of the most recognised Polish composers Karol Szymanowski decided to follow his path and took on a project of presenting Polish Highlanders' (Gorale) folklore in the form of ballet-pantomime. The...
  13. Non-Classical Music
    I am interested in hearing recordings of real, traditional folk music in its original context. Too many records or albums of folk music have that very polished, studio atmosphere and lack the vitality of a true folk setting. Either that or the songs themselves are watered down or 'polished' in...
  14. Recorded Music and Publications
    A big hello from Moskow.Sorry for terrible English. Suggest to listen to the excellent performance of my ensemble Stravinsky's music .This is fusion of classical and folk Genres.Composer used when writing his music, Russian songs.My them sing before the execution of this unique opus.You can hear...
1-14 of 14 Results