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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    There are not so many recordings LP I know nothing, CD there two albums and several appearance, like Gombert if you focus on the works, this man, accomplish and forget the private life of the man, you will find an amazing composer Ensemble Brabant release of Him truly shine! Ensemble Scandicus...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    First an foremost you will agree with me, all Gombert did was top notch, his motets are elaborated and complex, we could say avant-garde, his Magnificats are splendid. But anyone notice is French Chanson were just as good I.e Mort et Fortune, Triste depart. Beside Noel Akchoté, the great...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Deprofundis a francophobic bigot,he as gain interrest whit renaissance walloons Good Walloons, I love Belgium, I love the Belgian, The Benelux countries, flamands sympathetic, I discover your polyphony of 17 century very good tres refined, excellentissime, so good day to you, i was only being...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Ah dear bless kind folks of this world, behold this old rustic recording of French Chanson called simply : annthologie de chanson française de 1450 a 1550, ensemble Roger Blanchard, what a copieus plate, you get lot's of composer including big names, and straight foward vocal music, natural...
  5. Non-Classical Music
    You can find out more about him online. Thought I would post a few links. Christian Vander - Hymne Aux Enfants (Zoland) Christian Vander - Offering - Solitude Magma The night we died - L'œil d'aigle Christian Vander solo - To Love
  6. Vocal Music
    I know there is Google and search function, but i want to hear TC expert here. From what i know madrigals were all across europe floorish in italia and england just like in Flander (belgium).But i want to know about the french school of madrigalist, the very best, anything remotely close to...
  7. Opera
    I only know a few but I'm really enjoying exploring this genre. I have three Lully operas and a couple from Rameau. Charpentier I discovered only just he other day, and if only my Apple music hadn't crashed on me, I'd be hearing a lot more! Any other names in the french baroque opera scene I...
  8. Solo & Chamber Music
    Has anyone tried them? I've really start to enjoy them and become I've become fascinated by some of his ideas (which remind me a bit of Richard Egarr's ideas about the English suites.)
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    Think you know French music? From the salon to the symphony hall, from the opera to the ballet, the French have given us some great music. But, how much French music do YOU know? Try this little quiz. I got 15/20 and surprised myself.
  10. News, Concerts and Events
    French composer Charles Chaynes (born July 11, 1925) has attained the big 9-0 along with other French composers who turned 90 earlier this year, such as Ivo Malec and Pierre Boulez. Happy belated birthday to you and here's to your continued health.
  11. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    I recently came across a thread which caught my interest as a French student, and with a number of members here who can speak some French I thought it would be a nice thread to revisit. I did even get a few extra comments on the thread before it disappeared without a trace........ I am assuming...
  12. Opera
    First I have to admit that I don't speak Italian, French or German. But I can recognize if its done properly. There are singers who have perfect diction, so you can hear perfectly how they massacre the language. And then there are singers who do both well. I myself prefer good diction and if the...
  13. Classical Music Discussion
    There are a few good internet radio stations I listen to mostly AVRO De Klassieken, I believe it to be computer generated random list so there's no dj's but they can also be randomly repetitive the other is Radio swiss classic (in French) they have dj's but french is so soothing its not as...
  14. Opera
    French opera often seems to be everybody's unwanted stepchild here... well, perhaps not as bad as Russian, English, and American Opera (American what!? :eek:). Thus, let's put the question to you: What are your favorite 5 French operas/operettas? (Operas/operettas written originally in French...
  15. Politics and Religion in Classical Music
    Posted on the Gramophone web site: I understand Vichy can still be a touchy subject in France, but this particular instance seems a very petty decision.
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    Georges Prêtre? Reportedly Maria Callas favorite conductor... and still alive at 90. Herbert von Karajan invited him to conduct the Vienna Philharmonic in Capriccio of Richard Strauss with the late Lisa Della Casa. The French have declared him a "trésor national". A recent article on Prêtre...
  17. Composer Guestbooks
    A master of the stage, unjustly neglected by many. From wik: André Campra (French: [kɑ̃pʁa]; baptized 4 December 1660 in Aix-en-Provence - 29 June 1744 in Versailles) was a French composer and conductor. Campra was one of the leading French opera composers in the period between Jean-Baptiste...
  18. Non-Classical Music
    Ockay usually im a bit prejudice about people that sing in french but there are fews exception Serge Gainsbourg '' je t'aime'' Leo ferré '' avec le temps va'' and ''thank you satan'' claude francois '' comme d'habitude''
1-19 of 24 Results