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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Clickbait title, don't worry. While I no longer run into people who have that sentiment, since the only people who say Classical is gay are high school boys, it's something I've noticed to be a general reception to classical, and the arts in general. This might just be an American thing, but...
  2. Opera
    may not be as histrionic as the current market for opera tends to look for (in fact, I'll extend that to the entertainment industry in general), but imo, there is plenty of emotion and passion in many of Sutherland's recordings.
  3. Orchestral Music
    ​I recently received volume six of the Chandos series of his orchestral works. What is the general opinion of d'Indy?
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Are there pieces of music you like, by composers whose music, in general, you really don't like? Now's your chance to spill the beans. (I guess it is like being on a first date and disliking everything about the person, except one thing. Maybe they really are a sharp dresser, or they are very...
1-4 of 7 Results