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  1. Identifying Classical Music
    Greetings! If you will forgive my ignorance, I'm trying to discover which piece Glenn Gould is playing at the very beginning of the film "Genius within - the inner life of Glenn Gould". Any help would be appreciated, with grateful thanks in advance.
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Don't blame Schoenberg, he leed the way to need paralel the classical Wagnerism and American Jazz,also an art-school oddities maker,there are quite remarkable Le Pierrot Lunaire Opus.27 I.e is just one exemple, this man complete achievement. I say to Wagner fans listen to mister Schonberg, I say...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    I just purchase, a wonder of an album, first and foremost, this is a Book whit a CD, now strap on thight this release is pure magic, image & sounds in motion, Bellissimo! Splendide, on heck of a release, I'm speachless, breathless and carry aways in the end. On alpha classical Leonardo Da Vinci...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Yes let's firstly talk about fabulous Franco-Flemish half-man half-God Cyprien De Rore also know as Cypriano Di Rore. One of my major favorite composer key composer of his era, what can I say He majestical, grandioso, mighty. I have some madrigal album digital almost all split in hald and...
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    I sometime do marathon listening, as mandatory brain exercise yep Like listening to 4 hours 50 minute of ancient lore carmina burana. Once I would listen to Don Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa, were wasted away on a bottle of absinthe and would listen to the all set of madrigals Liber 1-6, an were...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Blasphemy i says shame on you , youtube I'm joining a Vlaams Belang ''special'' terrorist sleeper cell group (this was a joke obviously) : lol: But heck why no Cheerkin de Hondt, man, his album by egidius Kwartet rad, you got to hear it, trust deprofundis instinct i'm talking to loyal followers...
  7. Today's Composers
    i dont know who else to ask for critique i might be getting a car and i figured maybe using my classical skills to write modern stuff may be a good way to get girls/money, i can play my cd in the car etc. i tried to make the music " sexy " think x rated movie crossed with national geographic...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    Do you think Chopin is a genius? He wrote beautiful pieces but was not a master of form like Mozart. My fav pieces:
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    A wonderful evening to y'all TC folks :tiphat:! I don't know if you have heard about it but Berliner Philharmoniker Records is releasing a new set of Beethoven's symphonies under Sir Simon Rattle conducting Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (I know some of you are reading this and telling yourself...
  10. Opera
    In my opinion Mozart was the greatest of all opera composer. His works breathe sheer musical genius with a melodic gift that is unsurpassed. However, the purpose of the thread is not to debate this but to comment on operas or parts of operas we particularly enjoy, together with notable...
  11. Non-Classical Music
    Okay, showman? Genius? Idiot? Questionable guy? Producer, rapper, performer, performance artist, and celebrity. Nothing seems to be what it seems with Kanye on the move.
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    What composer had or has the most unlikely personality or psychology for a classical genius? I'm thinking perhaps Erik Satie. His place was in a shambles after he died. He didn't seem to take a part of himself seriously, or didn't have the money for a housekeeper. I'm curious what...
  13. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Bach was a genius composer. More than likely, Baldassare Galuppi was not but wrote fine music. Similarly, Mendelssohn was a genius composer. More than likely, Arnold Mendelssohn was not. So do you think there were limited genius composers and that these genius composers tended to write...
  14. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    The more one studies and listens to Haydn, the more one realizes he was a true genius. True genius was also used by this conductor and scholar in the featured documentary, which I recommend you to view for enjoyment and for education. I hope you share my view regarding this most great composer...
  15. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Some composers are gifted melody writers - Handel, Mozart, Schubert, Tchaikovsky. Others are less so, such as Beethoven, Bruckner. So my question to you is do you think some great composers, all genius, but are naturally more gifted in melody than others, also genius?
  16. Musicians
    Toccata in g minor: Here is Jacob Armen on the "Tonight Show" 7 years old! Recent: Jacob's drum etude Jacob's Facebook:
1-16 of 18 Results