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  1. Identifying Classical Music
    I was watching a bunch of WW2 documentaries when I came across this piece that starts at 1:45 : This is strictly apolitical I just want to know the name of the piece. Thanks / David
  2. Composer Guestbooks
    Paul Graener (11 January 1872 - 13 November 1944) was a German composer and conductor. He composed numerous operas and orchestral works in the Romanticism style. Works Operas: The Faithful Sentry, Op. 1 (premiered 1899) Das Narrengericht, Op. 38 (1913) Don Juans letztes Abenteuer...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Gliere remind me of some sort of miix crossover between Zemlinsky & Rimsky-korsakov? Heck to be honest & humble I don't know much about the Romantic Era I lack in knowledge but as far as I know of,Gliere music akin to Zemlinsky and Korsakov for fantasy theme, sounding Russian, yes, this is my...
  4. Composer Guestbooks
    A german composer. Body Of Lies And Prometheus are one his works.
  5. Non-Classical Music
    The German Composers and Nazis thread got me thinking of jazz in Nazi Germany. Jazz was labeled as "entartete musik" or "degenerate music." They saw it as a Jewish-Negro amalgam and therefore wholly without merit. But they were not entirely stupid about it. Prior to the Nazis, during the...
  6. Vocal Music
    So i bought this record of vocal music of early medieval music called ''The miracle of the century'' if you preffer in german since this is a german cd, das wunder des jahrhunderts. executed by ensemble Ordo virtutum. It may be one of the best vocal cd ever of this time lapse 1013-1054 (11th...
  7. Solo & Chamber Music
    The first chamber piece I listened to when classical music finally clicked (in a big way) with me was Death and the Maiden. Five years on and it is still my favourite, by some distance. I wish I still had it to discover .... Can anyone excite me? I do love the late quartets by that German bloke.
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    Hello all, I'm putting together a programme of Mozart's German music for a radio programme and I was wondering what you all feel is Mozart's most 'German' music? There's the operas Die Zauberflote, Zaide, Der Schauspieldirektor and Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail. I'm also going to be playing...
  9. Classical Music Discussion Polls In my opinion, Heinrich Schütz (HS) must have been the greatest German Baroque composer before Johann Sebastian Bach and certainly the top five composers before the 18th century. I have been listening to samples from the below collection I...
  10. Non-Classical Music
    A spin-off from a discussion elsewhere. A thread to share some of your favourite German pop/rock songs and bands. Bonus points for those singing in German. I'll start with my fave:
  11. Opera
    The biographical notes on Meta Seinemeyer comes from "Meta Seinemeyer was born in Berlin in 1895 and was the daughter of a police officer and received vocal tuition by Nikolaus Rothmühl and Ernst Grenzebach. After an audition in 1918 she was immediately engaged at the...
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    I tend to prefer Latin and German over Italian, French and, especially, English when it comes to vocal music. Now, before you jump on me, let me tell you that I majored in English Literature at the University, so the prejudice card or the lack of factual knowledge are off the table. I don't...
  13. Non-Classical Music
    I've recently taken an interest in pop music - namely, German and Russian pop (Louisan, Cro, 5sta Family, and so on. I think these artists are worth a listen - if you do decide to, I'd love to hear what you think of them!). I think it's really interesting with what they do with their music, and...
1-13 of 13 Results