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  1. Opera
    The idea of this thread is to compare things we like in order to understand them better. The format is to give three comparable examples, be they arias, aria recordings, operas, opera performances/recordings, singers, conductors etc., one of which you think is great, one you think is very good...
  2. Off Topic Pub
    One of my favorite movie is Stand by me, one of the best history bases on a novel of Stephen King, I mean I'm straightforward nostalgic about my youth, It's not a horror plot, like we use to, but the line-up of actors is impressive, all great talented actors: I.e Corey Fieldman, River Phoenix...
  3. Opera
    Lately, I've been obsessed with Wagner (and Debussy). I love the Knappertsbusch Parsifal (pictured below), in addition to this, I'm looking for a modern stereo recording of Parsifal with great sound. By modern, I don't strictly mean within the past twenty years, as long as it's stereo with great...
  4. Keyboard Instruments
    I can usually identify the signature sound of a great pianist. But what does 'tone' really mean? Whatever it is, I want to understand this concept more clearly so I can cease to be annoyed by my own defensive skepticism on it. Because to me it has less to do with the depressing of any...
  5. Non-Classical Music
    Hi, I really want to cover all the great Jazz artists. I think the best way won't be by buying separate discs, but rather a single big, multi cd collection. Is there a good cd collection that covers the greats? I don't want a 4cd collection that covers only the very popular hit. I am looking...
  6. Recorded Music and Publications
    I'll start off with three: D F-D's final Wintereisse with Perahia is a disaster because the voice had then completely gone. Unworthy of a great artist. Karajan's final set of Beethoven symphonies are not bad but simply don't add anything to his legacy to what was there before. Even the...
  7. Orchestral Music
    Thought I'd do a simple poll today for fun. I would like to know: Which Beethoven Overtures do you feel are "truly great" or what some might call "essential listening"? If you think they are all great and absolutely need to be heard by everyone than vote for all of them. If you think only a...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    I'd like to hear Giulini conducting what's possibly my favorite symphony. But I see he did it four times - with Chicago, Berlin, Bavarian RSO and London Phil. I think at least one of these is a 'reference' 9: can anyone tell me which? Thanks!
  9. Keyboard Instruments
    Hello my dear friend, I am a flutist and now I consider myself a pianist too. I had an electrical piano by Yamaha for about a year. Since I am studying conducting and composition a piano is very important for me. I took about 5 piano lessons, And the rest I studied by myself-Playing Beethoven...
  10. Off Topic Pub
    What do y'all think of Camus? Any favorite works? You think he was overrated? Compromised by colonialism? A great existential philosopher? (Greater than Sartre?) A great novelist? One thing's for sure: he looked just like me.
  11. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    I was reading the website of Naxos to search for music that I was interested in. Then I came across this section that describes classical music from the "1920s to present". I quote the entire section and in particular read the final red bold sentence. Interesting choice of words in the blue...
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    My Response To "There's a good reason why there are no great female composers"
  13. Opera
    Hi! I'd like to know what people think about great singers from the present and past who made it in spite of ugly or at least not beautiful basic timbres - and perhaps also about the not so greats that pop up in spite of this. I propose to beguin by skipping the classic example: la Divina.
  14. Classical Music Discussion
    What are the great musical blunders of history? Near the top of the list must be when the people of Busseto were so entranced by the music the young Verdi was writing that they pooled together enough money to send him to Milan to study at the Conservatory. However, the Milan Conservatory...
  15. Classical Music Discussion
    Anyone living in Montreal? I'd love to connect with some people to occasionally attend concerts together. I'm 39 and I have interest in most of the repertoire. Perhaps if there's enough interest we could form a little meeting group. So many great concerts in this city!
  16. Keyboard Instruments
    Not one but two stories on the piano today. "What (Or Who) Makes A Great Piano?" "A Listeners' Guide To The Great Pianos"...
  17. Non-Classical Music
    There is no one I have listened to more often. There are many times I have been frustrated but today I will think only of his great music and wish him many happy returns. (PS I know I'm a week late).
  18. Opera
    Inspired by another thread, this is the great Ukrainian bass Mark Reizen at age 79. Great instrument, great technique, and great artistry. I am stunned by this. Make sure you listen to the closing pages.
1-18 of 89 Results