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  1. Composer Guestbooks
    Excerpt from MELA Foundation, Inc. La Monte Young has pioneered the concept of extended time durations in contemporary music for over 50 years. He contributed extensively to the study of just intonation and to the development of rational number based tuning systems...
  2. Music Theory
    The 12/8 bar is visually grouped as if its beats were asymmetrical: three 8th-notes, then four such notes, then five such notes. Why? Same happens after the change into 9/8 metre: each bar first has a group of 2 notes, then a group of 3 notes, then a group of 4 notes. Actually, one of the...
  3. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    If you already are or could be a patron, then who/what would you support most? A composer? A performer? A conductor? An orchestra? A chamber music group? An opera organization? A music education group/institution? A music research institution? Other?
  4. Solo & Chamber Music
    This year I'm on two chamber music groups: one formed by two sopranos and guitar and the second consisting of soprano (me), oboe, clarinet and cello. I'm looking for repertoire but don't find anything, especially for the second group, can you recommend me something? Do you know any repertoire...
  5. Music Theory
    Can anyone think of any examples of this happening in sonata form movements? Seems like an obvious way to bring some variation to the recapitulation while keeping it sounding like a recapitulation. I know this happens sometimes with the second theme group like in Mozart's String Quintet in G...
  6. Beginners
    Hi, Wandering if anyone can help me understand triplets more. With triplets do they always have to come in a group of 3, i.e. can you ever, or does it make sense to get a single tripleted note on its own? For example the rhythm in a 4/4 bar: crotchet, tripleted crotchet, crotchet...
1-6 of 7 Results