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  1. Off Topic Pub
    My resources and life situation is such now that I can't go to some immersion school in Costa Rica or Mexico to learn Spanish. I haven't studied in a while and consequently am really rusty. I run into similar blocks every time I try to study Spanish without any tutoring. Vocab doesn't often...
  2. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    As in, separated from the rest of the boards. Posts in community forum do not show up in activity lists, "new posts" etc. but posts in social groups surprisingly do. Social groups are largely used for discussing non-music related stuff and I might imagine our frivolous banter cluttering up the...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Hello everyone, *I'm new here, hope this is the right sub forum* I'm looking for ways to discover new classical works and composers. So far I'm searching YouTube and looking into the "influenced by" or "similar artists" sections on allmusic. Could anyone kindly recommend blogs, internet radio...
  4. Non-Classical Music
    Of all the groups I remember while growing up in the mid-late '50's, the Everly Brothers stand out. I wore out a lot of 45's and LP's of them from 1959, when I turned a teenager, till I got out of high school. Many of their songs still bring back precious memories, like "Like Strangers", "Let it...
  5. Music Theory
    Just got home from a medium-length drive full of Gruppen and Carre... ...And again, I find myself wondering about this contemporary trend of orchestral groups. I understand the spatial aspect of a live performance, but given what I've read about Carter's "Symphony Of Three Orchestras", I...
  6. Classical Music Discussion Just found out from Ben about this group and it looks cool. I think that it would be awesome to learn recorder someday. Any other Renaissance groups that I ought to know about?
  7. Non-Classical Music
    Disco and dance music from the good old days tends to be maligned. I am a fan of Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, and other great dance groups up to Kraftwerk. Let us celebrate a lost era here. :)
  8. Solo & Chamber Music
    Chamber groups have always been relatively common, because of the relative ease to find musicians to play with you and because it tends to be less complicated to organise than, say, an orchestra or a major choir. Most chamber works, especially in Classicism and early Romanticism, fall into some...
  9. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    With all of the talk of string quartets, I decided to start a poll for your favorite string quartet groups. You can choose up to 1 of your favorite string quartets.
1-9 of 9 Results