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  1. Solo & Chamber Music
    Here's a link to a Guardian article about pianist Igor Levit. I like his style and approach, and he seems to be a cool guy. Enjoy:
  2. Composer Guestbooks
    So if you guy read me by now , you know i love japanese composer that are hard hitting relentless martial...avant- Than i discover this dude he is the stravinsky of japanese even it rival whit brutal force in other words power, it could be '' heavier than Stravinsky '' at time, yah even rites...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    I just had this urge to dedicate a "wild" piece of music to our forum member some guy...Here's to you, sir:
  4. Musicians
    Thoughts from my iPad (explaining why it's not a lengthy post) The orchestra, on the whole, is worthy of its reputation, with commentary: They played Tchaikovsky 5 and Brahms Vn Cto: *Violins- great intonation and sound *Horn solo-relatively weak - warbly, with a glitch. Not the greatest tone...
  5. Off Topic Pub
    Name a film or films you enjoyed in each genre: Action Adventure Comedy Crime/Gangster Drama Epics/Historical Horror Musicals Sci-Fi War/Anti-War Westerns Biographical Chick Flicks Detective/Mystery Disaster Fantasy Guy Films Weepers Romance Road Sports Supernatural Thriller/Suspense Animated...
  6. Composer Guestbooks
    Prolific young composer whose works range from symphonies to an opera to chamber music. Quite fascinating guy.
  7. Composer Guestbooks
    He is a young composer who collabed with Hilary Hahn on her encores album. Very awesome composer and his works straddle the worlds of pop music and classical music. He is an example of a guy who realizes that classical music is part of the pop scene as...
  8. Composer Guestbooks
    One of the most obscure composers. Hey there guy, I would like to check out your works too. :)
1-8 of 8 Results