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  1. Solved Cases (archive)
    in the bad santa movie, the scene where willie steals a car from valet parking and drives to the guy's mansion. I'm looking for the song playing in that scene
  2. Classical Music Discussion this is back in november 2014...but still interesting what do you guys think?
  3. Vocal Music
    My little finger is telling me, italians invented the madrigals before everyone else.But the first magrigalist according to wikipedia (verdelot and some other guys were french that immigrated to italia to learn custom music and litterature, theywere italianized). So i ask you guys what were the...
  4. Religious Music
    Hey Guys, What do you all think? Yes they are my own, Yes i wanted you all to listen to them, Yes i'm sorry:angel:.
  5. Solved Cases (archive)
    I often completely blank on pieces that I know really well, and this was stuck in my head and I once again can't remember where it's from. I'm thinking it's Shostakovich, but it might not be, which would be embarrassing. Anyways, I entered the notes in, and the notes are definitely not correct...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Here's an idea I had for a future direction, although I'm interested in seeing what everyone thinks themselves! Talk about my idea or your guys' ideas would be awesome. It's as follows: What would be the outcome... of combining Feldman's unique narrative style and development with the musique...
  7. Vocal Music
    Hey guys, So I've been planning my senior recital (undergrad - baritone) and finding music has been a bit of a challenge. I've looked at hundreds of art songs (German, Italian, French, English), as well as many arias and now my voice teacher suggests looking at more contemporary stuff. Do you...
  8. Recorded Music and Publications
    Hey, found a new up and coming classical vocalist, thought I would put a link here, see what you guys think ? she has a YouTube page as well with some more songs to enjoy. Hope you guys enjoy this. Keep it classical
  9. Composer Guestbooks
    Here is a wonderful composer who lives here in Salt Lake City. Hope that you guys can enjoy his works and tell me what you think of them.
  10. Non-Classical Music
    I remenber back in the days it was hip, like in the 80-90 ,stuff like kitaro, do you guys know relatively well this kind of music? Seem like the genra that fade away, they dosen make music like this anymore , yet it felt relaxing, what do you guys think of this ,what are the best new artists...
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    Haydn, Mozart and Rossini for me. Seem like fun, interesting guys.:)
  12. Orchestral Music
    Mozart's 40th and 41st symphonies. I love both of them, mostly because they were the first two pieces of classical music that I was consciously exposed to. Yet I can't seem to figure out which one I like the most. It used to be 40 but recently I've had more of a liking for 41. I don't know, what...
  13. Off Topic Pub
    Which do you guys prefer--- soda or juice (or water like me)?
  14. Non-Classical Music
    I put a spell on you is quite possibly one of my top 10 pop song ever ,period, i sing it in the shower every day well almost.He sutch a performer. i like the way he sing it kind sound like he was a stalker or madly in love whit a women. Than there is the saxophone in this song that is so...
  15. Non-Classical Music
    You guys like my bloody valentine, they should be more of these perhaps what about boston's green magnet school ''blood music'' album on sub pop 3 guitar mish mash of distortion abuse but it still pop. So you guys like that kinda indie-pop stuff
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    Matsudaira: i want to hear more frrom this guys the naxos cd is ain't enought Mazuyumi: what can i say my favorite composer Isang Yun: was wonderfully suprise by him Giancinto Scelsi: is a god Claude vivier: is essential These guys get many airplay from my stereo In the more notorious list...
  17. Solved Cases (archive)
    The original on what's based this remix, ty in advance for the help guys.
  18. Classical Music Discussion
    One of my jobs is to sell tickets to Symphony (not naming which one) patrons as a phone agent. One shift we've experienced since the hiring of the last music director is a frequency of living/recently deceased (Ha! that means died in the last 50 years) compsers' music on the programs. Despite...
  19. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    These guys must have aced the final! Who are your two or three favorites?
  20. Classical Music Discussion
    You know my leaning toward contemporary and avant composers.If i ask composer by contries? Serbia , croatia albania, slovenia , slovakia, macedonia, bosnia did i forgot anyone? I wanna know the best by contries and especially naxos available, im cheap these days its past x-mas and i want to...
1-20 of 20 Results