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  1. Opera
    I always am really impressed with how incredibly beautiful her voice was. In photographs she appears very, very pretty, too. I heard the Met let her go in the middle of her career. Does anyone know why. On the radio her voice is almost as beautiful to me as Sill's was, and that is saying a lot...
  2. Hi-Fi
    Here is a great article on how to stream music to your whole house effortlessly... I especially like the amp that turns itself on when a signal is present and off when it isn't. My subwoofer does that, but I had no...
  3. Opera
    Okay, time to start a thread about favorite dance sequences from opera. Rameau rocks the house of course. Any other favorites?
  4. Off Topic Pub
    Soon (this month) we'll be moving into a brand new house, that meets the latest standards of thermal insulation: quadruple glazing and designed for zero energy requirement. Happily all the windows do have ventilation vents, otherwise I would feel a bit scary... To the house also belong solar...
  5. Opera
    Here's a link to an edited article by Will Self based on a lecture given at the Royal Opera House:
  6. Musicians
    hi, I attend concerts of Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra about a year. they give only 1 concert a month in the opera house. I wonder how much time (hours) they put into rehearsals before a concert. they are the orchestra of the opera house, so concerts are not their main goal. I might be...
  7. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello, nice to join this forum. I have not exactly an identificationmatter but more a sort of request or query concerning a piece of music I once heard vaguely. A (choral) piece that sounded just like wind howling around a house, very spooky not unlike Ligeti's requiem but more subtle. Since i...
  8. Solved Cases (archive)
    In House MD, season 6 episode "The Tyrant" (basically episode 4, but ) in the end, when House and Wilson watch a TV , this very beautiful sad piece starts, lasting until the end of the episode. If anybody knows what piece it is please share...
1-9 of 9 Results