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  1. Off Topic Pub
    I'm a regular poster at TCM so I don't want you to think this is a fly by junk post. I edit a humor and comedy site called The DECASP Comedy Gazette which is sort of smart dumb humor. I'd thought you'd all get a kick out of the latest content which is very music oriented: a Music History piece...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    In the last 50 years or so, we've seen many pianists that were also comedians (not unintentionally, those usually don't get that far). I'm thinking of Victor Borge, and there were many others. What classical composers were known for having a good sense of humor? Do you have any anecdotes?
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm not well versed enough to make a poll on this to please the abundant population on talk classical more knowledgable on the subject than me. So I just thought I'd ask you guys, and put forth my own. What are your favorite pieces that can be termed musical jokes, full of wit, humor, and...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    That's right. This is a game thread for putting your visual humor in full effect. Okay, time to go first. phone home. phone home! The only rule of the game is that you have to use a classical music image in your rebus humor or reference. No image, no qualification. , as one of my pals here...
  5. Opera :lol::lol:
  6. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    For those of you that may not know, the Mozarts especially the great Wolfgang Amadeus was often prone to scatological sense of humor. I am not going to quote any here, that is not the point of this thread. If you are not aware, then best to read those many , many surviving intimate letters of...
  7. Non-Classical Music
    I heard some nurse whit wound and i was like oh nooo this is not just dark but pitch dark like hell im not lisening to that stuff, it litteraly freak me out, i was spook out for life. Than i read there humor infuse in this band , haha, what kind of humor, we creep you out is that it, anyway i...
  8. Off Topic Pub
    Lets share some classical music memes! Here are two I created with the help of :
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    This is my first post, so let me greet you guys :) Humor in music? The majority of pieces in the repertoire look serious. I don't know! But I guess so. They all revolve around a musical idea that it's meaning becomes inclusive to the listener or an inspiration that is "serious"(pictures in an...
  10. Off Topic Pub
    what happens if a musicians violin string in a concert breaks? What does he do? Also what happens if it were a soloist?
1-10 of 10 Results