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  1. Today's Composers
    Improvize A simple short piano improvisation.
  2. Non-Classical Music
    Hello TC! I'd like to invite you to know and listen to a brazilian group/ensemble of contemporary music I'm part of as pianist. Lapso was originally formed as a trio (piano, voice and guitar), working at first mostly with compositions following a third stream idea, that is, mixing elements of...
  3. Music Theory
    i have only A MINOR/C MAJ patterns memorized on my guitar, and i just cue up corresponding backing tracks and solo over it (c maj d dorian e phrygian ETC) and it sounds good and i understand the concept/ sound of modes now, but... then i noticed if i solo Amin over.. Emin it sounds OK too...
  4. Today's Composers
    i got a guitar for christmas so hadnt been playiing piano much but got basic scales memorized and finally got my fingers strong enuf to play the notes well. trying 2 write some songs together with my friends after school and kinda improvised a bit with some scales and we came up with this song...
  5. Today's Composers
    Hello all, This is a place where you can share your solo piano improvisations if you wish. The one I made here is an improvisation played with much freedom.
  6. Music Theory
    I've started learning the basics of Piano improvisation in different styles (Bach, Chopin..:rolleyes:) and it seems to be quite useful to have some typical chord progressions at hand (eg for Bach, there are certain cadences and voice leading styles that can come in handy when improvising in four...
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    I always used to wonder why some composers give their pieces names like Impromptu or Improvisation. If you are writing them down, surely they become a composition? So are these composers just being lazy and making the excuse that they composed it very quickly? Or, conversely, are all written...
  8. Composer Guestbooks
    Vinko Globokar Vinko Globokar (born 7 July 1934) is a French avant-garde composer and trombonist of Slovene descent. Globokar's work is noted for its use of unconventional and extended techniques, closely allying him to contemporaries Salvatore Sciarrino and Helmut Lachenmann. His music places...
  9. Today's Composers
    I tickle the ivories (in the key of forlorn).
  10. Today's Composers
    Dear Friends, Here's a little piece which I made. It is a little long, but I enjoy it. Thanks for watching! - Billy McBride
  11. News, Concerts and Events
    News on our forthcoming release on NONCLASSICAL, which is the debut from The Mercury Quartet with an album entitled Mercury Acoustic uniquely charting the fine-line between improvisation and composed music, the Mercury Quartet comprises four rising stars of the UK's contemporary music scene...
  12. Keyboard Instruments
    Hi, I think this could be of interest for the keyboard community. Improvisation on clavichord, harpsichords and organ at The recordings are made by Hans Erik Svensson at the Musikmuseet of Stockholm and the musician is Mikko Korhonen from the Sibelius...
1-12 of 12 Results