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  1. Recorded Music and Publications
    I found this..... They include concerts that were broadcast on radio. I was wondering if there are any other box sets that include either all radio broadcasts or at least a good selection.
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    This morning as I created my Sol Gabetta mixtape on Minidisc I thought about the good old days of cassette tape mixtapes (think the movie High Fidelity). So a Minidisc (not the Hi-MD ones) can include about 2.5 hours worth of music per disc. If you had the chance to include all of the pieces on...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    You often see these cheezy CDs titled such as, "Beethoven's Greatest Hits" or "The Best of Beethoven." To add insult to injury, not only do they put bits and pieces of a hodge podge variety of Beethoven's more popular works, but also they often include the infamous Fur Elise! :eek: My...
1-3 of 3 Results