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  1. Opera
    I'm leaning towards Nagano because I'm really really fond of José van Dam. Or Lopez-Cobos? Or another? Thanks for your input...
  2. Hi-Fi
    Tomorrow, I am upgrading my Speaker Cables and I was just wondering - given the opportuinty - if it would be worth Bi-Wiring my speakers? I am running a Yamaha A-S500 Amp with Q-Acoustics 2020 Speakers. Since I am going to be buying new Speaker Cable as a necessity, if I were going to Bi-Wire...
  3. Today's Composers
    after listening to lots of Schnittke, i have fallen in love with the sound of the harpsichord. so i will be posting the parts to this project I am working on as they are finished. i appreciate input. this is the prelude:
1-3 of 3 Results