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  1. Today's Composers
    Last summer, I wrote a set of nine miniatures for viola and piano, with each one evoking different moods. Isobel Doncaster - viola Yucong Huang - piano SoundCloud: Bandcamp: YouTube:
  2. Non-Classical Music
    What are the contender for rich etheric darkwave neo-classical music, i hate to mention dead can dance has prime exemple all the time but they are an easy refference Any DcD worship band in japan, that has japanese flavor...of course What are the top band in this genra ? This most exist...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    First when i heard ifukube train some of my favorite composer and were an afectionados of le sacre du printemps , i order some ifukube, but look at his pupils. There are name the 3 among japanese and heck there the 3 best composer of japan, Mayuzumi, Akutagawa, ikuma dan??? Yes sadly i can't...
  4. Vocal Music
    I found this CD in the bargain bin at a local second-hand shop today and picked it up out of curiosity. I'm not yet familiar with Medieval music of this type, but it's quite beautiful and well-performed. It's not purely vocal as there are lengthy intermittent passages of instrumental bliss...
1-4 of 4 Results