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  1. Opera
    “In 1991 she [Studer] gave a concert performance of this very piece in Dresden with Sinopoli that was just outrageous – Sinopoli pushed Studer with such power and force she ended up giving a vision of Salome that was more chilling and more decadent and terrifying than any I have heard; by the...
  2. Opera
    I used to be really obsessed with Jessye Norman and just recorded a talk for Youtube that I plan to do for my Toastmaster Cllub on Saturday. My musical examples are of her singing negro spirituals, including her baritone rendition of Amazing Grace at a rock concert:
  3. Opera
    Lots of mezzos, like Jennifer Larmore, Joyce de Donato or Anna Sofie von Mutter sound like sopranos when they sing up high All the lushness and rich coloring to the voice gets blanched away into a soprano sound. Three exceptions I can think of are Jessye Norman, when she sings loud up high...
1-3 of 3 Results