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  1. Opera
    Let's not bother with who we like or dislike. For those who keep up with this kind of thing, who are the singers currently putting the bums on seats in opera houses around the world? Help me fill in the blanks and bring us all up to speed. Feel free to add. If you're able to rank the order...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Cendrillon (Massenet): too dark, in spite of von Stade in the lead role, the whole opera just felt creepy. Much prefer La Cenerentola. Beethoven symphonies by Hanover Band. Well not rid of yet but will be up on Amazon soon. Just don't care for the thin, weak-sounding performance...
  3. Opera
    Post them here. I have this first one with Mariella Devia on DVD and like it a lot, but the second one below with Joyce Didonato is pretty good too.
1-3 of 3 Results