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    The longest of Kalliwoda's quartets, at almost 30 minutes, the 3rd quartet was written three years after his 2nd, when the composer was in his mid 30s. It was the last of the 3 quartets that publishers, Peters, commissioned to be "in the beautiful style of Mozart.” However, Kalliwoda wisely...
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    Kalliwoda's 2nd String Quartet in A major, was written around the end of 1835 and published the year later. It was dedicated to Frantisek Max Knjze, a friend and fellow musician of Kalliwoda. The opening movement, Allegro vivace, is the longest and begins quite dramatically. It is a mazurka full...
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    Talentrd violinist, Johann Kalliwoda, attended the Prague Conservatory from 1811-15 and after graduation he joined the Prague Theatre Orchestra as first violin. Later he left to become an journeyman soloist around Europe. For the last 40 years of his life he became Kapellmeister in...
1-3 of 3 Results