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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    At the age of 12, Tavener was taken to Glyndebourne to hear Mozart's The Magic Flute, a work he loved for the rest of his life. That same year he heard Stravinsky’s most recent work, Canticum Sacrum, which he later described as "the piece that woke me up and made me want to be a composer"...
  2. Non-Classical Music
    There is no one I have listened to more often. There are many times I have been frustrated but today I will think only of his great music and wish him many happy returns. (PS I know I'm a week late).
  3. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Mozart - a natural genius, child prodigy, gifted with incredible melodic talent. Despite early death, left us with a huge musical oeuvre ‎of exquisite beauty. Works like Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Violin, Clarinet Concerto, late Piano Concertos, The Magic Flute, Requiem, late Symphonies...
  4. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    "Early" and "late" refer here more to styles than chronology. For the purposes of this poll Beethoven will be counted as an early romantic, and on the other hand chronologically middle but stylistically progressive composers will counted as "late". For the poll averse: if you really need to say...
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    Was the Romantic style an inevitable successor to Classicism? If not, where might Classicism have led? Can one envisage a development of the Classical style in a direction quite different from Romanticism? There are two strands to this question: (a) The 'pure' Late Classical style. The leading...
  6. Solo & Chamber Music
    The first chamber piece I listened to when classical music finally clicked (in a big way) with me was Death and the Maiden. Five years on and it is still my favourite, by some distance. I wish I still had it to discover .... Can anyone excite me? I do love the late quartets by that German bloke.
  7. Composer Guestbooks
    Jay Alan Yim (born April 24, 1958) is an American composer and recipient of a 1994 Guggenheim Fellowship. blablabla studied in important places blalabla awards bla important orchestras, etc The guy has a variety of influences, most notably Takemitsu and perhaps late Boulez). He's done...
  8. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    I listened to Humperdinck's opera Konigskinder. It was not a bad piece but is easily overshadowed by many other Romantic operas from the mid to late 19 century. Humperdinck is another one of those names who don't get much of a mention. Do you think he is underrated?
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    Lately, it seems we've had a lot of threads listing what bores us, what he don't like, what we find overly sweet, etc. How about something more positive. :-) Tell us about your musical "turnabouts". A composer (or genre, instrument, etc) that you didn't care for only to have a complete change...
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    I've secretly placed the late piano sonatas above the quartets, if only by a smidgeon. So I'm not saying the quartets are chopped liver! But I think this is a minority view. How about you? Sonatas or quartets, or is it silly to compare these? (The answer to that last is of course "yes," but...
  11. Solo & Chamber Music
    I have been exploring String Quartets over various musical time periods and still have not settled on a time period I prefer. I have also noticed that the differences are often more subtle than in other types of classical music. It also seems that typical time markers (rhythm, dissonance...
  12. Composer Guestbooks
    Al Scriabin A great Russian who shares my first name. I like Vers la Flamme and most of his preludes, but need to hear more.
1-12 of 13 Results