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  1. Music Theory
    This video focuses on a simple understanding of harmonic progressions as they appear in music and how that corresponds with what you hear. Music Theory also investigates ideas of consonance and dissonance, how to read music notation, as well as analyzing why music is written they it is. It is...
  2. Music Theory
    I'm really good with the basics of music theory, but I want to learn more in depth things, searching on the internet about things like how to write better songs, comes up with only lyrics. I don't care about writing lyrics, I want to learn more about how chords and melody work together...
  3. Off Topic Pub
    What's the stereotypical personality for a Western-classical music listener or musician to your perception? Does it vary from place to place? Is it true on the whole? Does it apply to you? Is there a reason for its existence? The sense I get is that people view you as being among the...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm going to be applying for a graduate school in musical composition in a couple months, and I have a couple questions regarding what they expect of me. It seems that they only accept the best students. My main issue is that the music program at my university lacks a lot of the training for...
  5. Music Theory
    I've been looking for a way of improving my writing, and I think even though I have played for years, I seem to be stuck using the same chords, and melodies over and over, and would like to learn how to add to what I can do, I've tried looking up on YouTube, but maybe I am searching for the...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    200 to 400 years ago the opportunity to learn classic music belonged to noblesse and musician families in European countries. But now in most of the countries ( almost all countries ) millions students access to the best and advanced facilities in thousands university and institute to learn...
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    I would really like to attempt to learn any or all of the Bach Single Harpsichord concertos at home by practicing to a recording featuring ONLY the orchestra part without a harpsichord. I would be very grateful if anyone knows: 1) Do any such recordings even exist? It would seem logical that...
  8. Beginners
    I want to learn to play the recorder? Any tips on which kind? Which sheet music? I am fascinated by it.
  9. Keyboard Instruments
    Hello, I am curious as to whether traditionally you play with the white keys more or the black keys. What I mean by this is whether in composition the white keys are given favor over the black keys,; I have noticed while playing that if I lead into the black keys or use them sparingly (as if...
  10. Off Topic Pub
    Just out of interest. There are so many fascinating and unusual screen names on this forum that it'd be interesting to learn more about then.
  11. Opera
    I'm looking for operas that have fairly simple grammar for the most part, and possibly have spoken bits as well, I'm going to need to learn Italian at some point for a trip, I already know some Russian, and I know French very well.
1-11 of 11 Results