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  1. Vocal Music
    Guys what do you think about his interpretation on Mozart Lieder?
  2. Vocal Music
    It's an evening here and I'm listening... My favorite of this evening is " Ombra mai fu" with Cecilia Bartoli . It has a hypnotizing effect on me, can't stop listening to it.... non-stop listening to one aria LOL and I love this lyrics. Tender and beautiful fronds of my beloved plane tree, let...
  3. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Both composers wrote symphonies, piano music, operas, overtures, and lieder. They both spoke German and left behind a body of masterpieces that, through misunderstandings, reinterpretations, and the burden of historical events, has continued to survive and enthrall listeners through the...
  4. Vocal Music
    Over the years I've collected and listened to a great deal of Mozart. Of late, I've pretty much only been listening to Mozart. One area of his output, however, that I've never listened to is his lieder. As appears to be the case with Haydn, lieder by Mozart is considered by many to be...
  5. Vocal Music
    Do you prefer listening to Lieder and art songs that you could sing? What I mean is, do you like to hear them sung in your own vocal range, so that you can sing along with them? I do. That is not to say that I don't enjoy artists that sing in a range not my own.
  6. Vocal Music
    Thinking of Lieder recently, I belatedly recalled an old favourite, Schönberg's Das Buch der hängenden Gärten, Op. 15. This is a beautiful Lieder cycle from the late Romantik that "breaks away from conventional musical order through its usage of atonality" (Wikipedia). It doesn't appear to be...
  7. Vocal Music
    What are your favourite albums of German Lieder, French Mélodies or English and other language Art Songs?
  8. Vocal Music
    What are Your Favorite Schubert Lieder Albums? I am not looking for exhaustive box sets so much as disc(s) with a dozen-or so of his lieder that are carefully chosen and exquisitely performed. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
1-8 of 8 Results