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    How about : Despite treatment , the patient improved . The patient has pain after intercourse in his chest . Patient is a prime rib . The patient said she was too sick to be hospitalized and said she would return when she felt better . Very close veins . Patient slipped on the porch when she...
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    Here are some examples of less than great editing from newspapers : Wanted : Editors and proff readers . Reeding tutors needed . New vaccine may contain rabbis . Senate panel agrees to much sex on television . Local man arrested for possession of heroine . My father received a letter by...
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    Here are some funny sayings I've collected from various places on the internet and elsewhere : Some mistakes are too much fun to make just once ! There's not one shred of evidence to the idea that life is serious . If you must choose between two evils , pick the one you haven't tried...
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    The people who type medical tramscripts at hospitals sometimes make the craziest mistakes . Here are some of them : Social history reveals this one-year-old patient does not smoke or drink and is presently unemployed . On the second day the knee was better , and on the third day , it...
  7. Opera
    which singer is the definitive example for you of what a certain role should be? for me Carmen: Maria Callas (duh! lol) Violetta: Anna Moffo Rosina: Joyce DiDonato Beatrice di Tenda: Joan Sutherland Duke of Mantua: Jonas Kaufman (the duke is supposed to be confident and SEDUCTIVE, not thin...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    Anyone knows 'happy' arias like "Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja" from the Magic Flute? Well.. I don't think the term 'happy' is the best here but lively, cheerful arias.. :lol:
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    Ahem: HOHOHO! Merry Christmas! (Thank you to New Zealand Time for allowing me to get in first :lol: )
1-9 of 9 Results