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  1. Opera
    Just taking a short break from SWTOR to proffer a short review of the Met broadcast of Lulu I saw today in the movie theater. Points: --Kentridge is a most brilliant artist to do this production... allusions to cabaret, Pabst's film Pandora's Box, jazz, Hannah Hoch's cut-up collages, stark pen...
  2. Opera
    Canadian soprano, lives in Nova Scotia, and ain't Anne of Green Gables. And conducts too. I really loved her on the DG Dutilleux Correspondences disc. And Lulu too. Any other fans?
  3. Opera
    Parsifal could have been my old favorite opera but after seeing Lulu tonight for the first time, Berg's opera may have displaced my previous favorite. Oh oh what is happening? :) Sordid settings winning over heartfelt purity? :devil:
1-3 of 3 Results