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  1. Religious Music Many great classical composers represented there.
  2. Vocal Music
    It's an evening here and I'm listening... My favorite of this evening is " Ombra mai fu" with Cecilia Bartoli . It has a hypnotizing effect on me, can't stop listening to it.... non-stop listening to one aria LOL and I love this lyrics. Tender and beautiful fronds of my beloved plane tree, let...
  3. Music Theory
    I'm really good with the basics of music theory, but I want to learn more in depth things, searching on the internet about things like how to write better songs, comes up with only lyrics. I don't care about writing lyrics, I want to learn more about how chords and melody work together...
  4. JCS

    Religious Music
    I am in the process of preparing to lead a discussion during adult Sunday school on the lyrics of Jesus Christ Superstar. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed, or thoughts on the lyrics in relation to Christianity. I'm not sure if it will happen this next Sunday or the following Sunday...
  5. Religious Music
    Brazil has a very rich history and heritage of Sacred Music right from its start as a Portuguese colony in the year of 1500. Throughout the first two Centuries composing clergymen with the Jesuits in the frontline offered music with religious lyrics to people while "profane" composers offered...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Would anyone like to help work out the lyrics to this? xD
  7. Non-Classical Music
    Yep, this is a thread to share any cool lyrics from non-classical songs. Here I start. Inspectah Deck in "Tru Master" Amateurs get hung with their own gold chains I swing blades, best bring grenades against A Tru Master, way beyond your freshman attempts Spit rounds on the floor, evidence of...
  8. Non-Classical Music
    Hey! post some of your favorite lyrics or lyrics you have written each other and give each other advice. here is lyrics i wrote for a black metal song I'm writing with my friend who plays the keyboard/piano. please give me some advice! Meaningless anomalies Constant awareness Living around lies...
  9. Non-Classical Music
    One of my favorite all time singers: Her sultry voice still fixates me on her brilliant lyrics.
  10. Vocal Music
    I'm looking for the lyrics of a Vienna Boys' Choir piece being sung in the following video clip (an old Jeopardy! episode) at 3:34: Can anyone tell what piece is being sung, or better yet, give me the lyrics (just of the snippet being sung)? "Gloria, ...[something]" Thanks!
1-10 of 12 Results