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  1. Opera
    Be honest. There are some (many?) operas you watch or listen to, only because you're interested in one or two particular things. Moments, scenes, arias, or maybe you just want to see how something is staged. The rest of it, you don't give as much of crap about. For me: Aida: 1) To see...
  2. Opera
    Our enjoyment of opera performances, whether live or record, depends on many factors. One of these is the director. The people of this forum could certainly collaborate on an informative list/chart/database/thread on directors. We could attempt to classify directors by style and various other...
  3. Opera
    most of you seem pretty experienced around these parts, but I thought this would make for interesting convo. here are some common mistakes young people make when getting into opera. 1) "I can't be a soprano because I don't have a high voice". Many sopranos, even lyric sopranos, have dark...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Im very sold on the carpe diem record release, called of course vox cosmica this happen to be a superbe version of hildgard finest moments ,an amazing interpretation by Arianna Savall make this cd on heck of a gem, the instrumentation is compelling for the instrumental track, they happen to use...
  5. Opera
    Inspired by another thread, this is the great Ukrainian bass Mark Reizen at age 79. Great instrument, great technique, and great artistry. I am stunned by this. Make sure you listen to the closing pages.
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Before i discover really vocal music i did not thhink mutch of it or i was ignorant, than when i discover vocal music sutch has madrigal and motets i had a hard time switching back to instrumental.Aldous Huxley said he lisen to Mozart in c minor piano concerto his first movement and got borred...
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    My question is really about Shostakovich's 2d and 3d symphonies, but I like the alliteration in the title :devil:. I'm a big dsch fan, but I'm familiar with only a few of his symphonies. They vary in accessibility and, I'm sure, in quality. The standard line on his 2d and 3d symphonies are...
  8. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    It doesn't seem to matter how often an old poll gets made, they all seem to generate posts. But I was wondering. How many people actually listen to music by era? Or gender? Or nationality? Or any of the other categories we could come up with to make our own variation of "What's your favorite...
  9. Opera
    Lift your spirits, inspire you or just plain make you feel good :) :tiphat:
  10. Today's Composers
    I make short : comments ?
  11. Opera
    List your favorite operas and explain why... Whether it's one opera long or fifty, make a list!!
  12. Keyboard Instruments
    Is there any particular technique or facet of playing the piano (or whatever other keyboard instrument) that you find especially difficult or challenging? Is there any composer whose music you find frustrating to play (in spite of presumably wanting to)? Is there any piece you could say the...
  13. Classical Music Discussion
    I image most or all of us have heard different performances of a work and preferred one to the other. However, of works I enjoy, only once have I heard a version that I actually disliked.* When I joined TC, I was surprised to often see people suggesting someone should hear a particular version...
  14. Today's Composers
    The same concept of the previous ones, this time in a major key. Tell me what you think! I'm yet to come up with a way to make them longer without banalizing the main theme and honestly it doesn't work very well with more than one.
  15. Classical Music Discussion
    I guess it's difficult to explain what I mean. It's something that I hear in the music of Webern or in a piece like the beautiful Harp sonata of Hindemith, and I'd like to hear some more like that. It's strange because there's not much else that I can think of, and I'm not sure how to describe...
  16. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    We have an index for composers in the guestbook and I was wondering whether we could get the same for musicians/conductors as well just to make things easier for us to not have to go through the search function :) Thanks.
  17. Vocal Music
    Hi all! I'm a 19 year old contralto taking voice lessons at my college. The problem is, I don't know that my voice teacher has ever trained a contralto before, and I don't know that she really understands my voice. It's been several months now and we still haven't been able to make much headway...
  18. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    How do TC members manage to pretend to like classical convincingly? And when discussing it with others, how do you give the impression that you actually know what you're talking about (without actually listening to it)? And on the other hand, how do you hide your love for Lady Gaga and Justin...
1-18 of 27 Results