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  1. Solved Cases (archive)
    Decades ago I was in an amateur choir that performed a mass. I would like to listen to a professional recording but don't know who wrote it. I remember an entrance from a paid soprano soloist, which I've tried to notate in attached file. I could not get noteflight to put a rest on the first...
  2. Religious Music
    This Messe de Requiem has something others do not, and moves my "spirit" more than any other setting by Mozart or others I have ever heard, from the opening chorus of one heavenly voice upon another, to the intimate solo's and haunting melodies... I don't think anything else can and will...
  3. Religious Music
    2009 thread about the work I've started a Berlioz Grande Messe des Morts challenge in the last days, counting 30 different performances. I have other questions, but which are your favourite performances and what do you like to feel listening to them?
  4. Today's Composers
    Here is the normal musescore version with the proper instruments and here is the "piano-ed" version where the instruments' sounds are replaced with piano sounds since I find that makes it easier to follow along.
  5. Today's Composers
    I wrote this movement for my a level EPQ, a project that requires you to research, create an artefact, and write an essay about the process of creating and researching your artefact. I would appreciate it if anyone gave me feedback.
  6. Today's Composers
    The sound was generated by a notation software so just imagine that the chorus is singing Kyrie Eleison :rolleyes: Playtime is 2:42
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    I've recently fallen in love with music from the Classical and Romantic eras for choir and orchestra, particularly masses and oratorios. I've looked on some threads discussing such music, in hopes of discovering new works, and I've of course found those by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Mendelssohn...
  8. Today's Composers
    Hiya, folks. Just joined a few days ago at the time of this post. Anyways, on to the topic at hand. What I'm working on is my first big work. It's technically opus 1, however at this point I'm on the fourth version of it. There are numerous things which have survived since the first version...
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    So I enjoy writing music, and I'm attempting to write a short Mass, just for fun. I understand that the Kyrie is in an ABA form, but can anyone explain any of the other movements. I know that there are sections within the movements, such as with the Credo, but what structure do they follow? Are...
  10. Religious Music
    I went looking for a thread that talked about the various forms of Mass that one might find in the body of classical music and I couldn't find one. I know there is the Wiki page on the Mass form: but it is a bit thick and I think individuals'...
  11. Religious Music
    Satie had a relationship with a type of Christianity, an intense interest that we probably don't have a fair understanding of today because of revisionism or just perhaps the desire not to know by a more liberal academia. I'm not saying the exact facts aren't somewhere to be found, but they...
  12. Religious Music
    Looking for Spiritual and Sacre slow movements , including arias , adagios Like Mozart Lacrimosa , Allegri Miserere , ...not neccesary only chorus. I like Bach, but Im not familiar with his works, specially his mass . Today Im listening " Bach Messe H Moll Mass B minor " ... beautiful ...
  13. Classical Music Discussion
    i'm building my Mozart collection after some neglect. So similar to my thread about his last 3 symphonies, I'd like a great version of his requiem mass. Ideally a great performance and at least a good quality recording. Any recommendations? And I know there are a number of different scores...
  14. Religious Music
    I just discovered this composer and his mass. Incredible. He seems enjoy this musical form. Does he have a Composer's Guestbook here?
  15. Recorded Music and Publications
    This album,the Electric Prunes' "Mass in F Minor," was a huge influence on me. I must have first heard it when I was about 8 or 9. My older brother, who was a college student by then was still living at home and he had it and played it constantly even though neither he nor my family are or...
  16. Recorded Music and Publications
    Well, TC, I must admit that I still don't own a single recording of Bach. Help me change that by recommending me your favorite recording of the Mass in B Minor! I am heavily leaning in favor of HIP recordings, but I'm open to all suggestions! I'm thinking of the Gardiner recording, but my mind...
  17. Off Topic Pub
    Benny's Video is one of the most underrated movies ever. Few people probably have seen it. It's a great indictment of mass media.
  18. Religious Music
    My favourite Mass. I got how to talk to God in it. I wonder what believers think of it... How do you like it, guys?
1-18 of 18 Results