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    There are only three, but two of them (Op.33 & Op.60) are among the very greatest PC's ever written. I can only recommend the G.Tozer/Chandos and N.Demidenko/Hyperion recordings, they are by far the greatest. Some people (apparently) have difficulty getting in to N.Medtner. Personally, I...
  2. Blog
    Nicolai Medtner. - a few thoughts regarding my collection. Reading about Medtner´s 3rd Piano Concerto many years ago in a surprisingly detailed, two-volume treasure-grove book from Larousse about the history and composers of classical music was one of the reasons that I began exploring lesser...
  3. Musicians
    So, this is for you to post young pianists the world over who you believe to be up and coming, even if not in the biggest way possible, just whose work you admire and eagerly await to see what more they will do. Two young hot shots I have my eye on are Lucas Debargue and Daniil Trifonov. It's...
1-3 of 3 Results