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  1. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    I have seen a few posts by "guests", and am not sure as to what exactly they are. One member even seems to have turned from a regular member into a guest - or maybe it's just my memory playing up. Could somebody enlighten me please? I am curious.
  2. Opera
    A better and more fun way to do a TC most rec operas list? It's done in batches of ten. Each member votes for 10 operas of their choice. In order of preference. It's done one week at a time. The top choice is given 10 points, the next 9, the next 8 and so on down to 1. After one week the...
  3. Off Topic Pub
    OK blender is probably not the right word, but this is the place to talk about member gender in respect of posting. Stuff about style, content, name, avatar, whatever. So sez this male.
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    I wonder if this game will work or if it has been done before..... Basically it goes a little something like this: Member A posts the title a well known piece and its composer (which has been recorded a lot.) Member B replies with a CD cover (or DVD or LP or even a YouTube link) of their...
  5. Announcements
    We are pleased to announce that Taggart has accepted our promotion to Super Moderator. John has been a staff member since November 2013 and a great contributor to this forum both as a member and as a moderator. Krummhorn :cool: Administrator
1-5 of 8 Results