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  1. Solved Cases (archive)
    was suggested this by a friend to sing in our choir, but we have no clue what it is or whether we can get the score. any ideas?
  2. Music Theory
    I have been wondering this for a while - if, for example, the song was said to be in A minor, it would not have the G# (let alone an F# as in the melodic minor). Does anyone know the reason for this? I would say 99% of pop songs I listen to are in the natural minor - why is this? Thanks for your...
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    Can anybody help me identify these pieces from the Vassalord OVA? Here's the playlist of the parts with the music. (Sorry about the voices and sound effects!) Several of them are from the same piece, but I don't know what...
  4. Solo & Chamber Music
    The TC Top 200 Recommended String Quartets List Facilitated by TurnaboutVox 1. Schubert: String Quartet No 14 in D minor, D. 810 "Death and the Maiden" 2. Beethoven: String Quartet No. 15 in A minor, Op. 132 3. Beethoven: String Quartet No. 13 in B-flat major, Op. 130 + Op. 133 "Grosse Fuge" 4...
  5. Music Theory
    During common practice era, was it outright rare to use a minor v chord in a minor key? Obviously major V would be used for cadential purposes, but otherwise?
  6. Music Theory
    The normal major and minor modes cannot be included because I say so. Though you could make some kind of academic argument that Ionian and especially Aeolian are not the same thing as normal major and minor, but we won't.
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    Major keys usually bore me. Minor sounds better than minor to me. I like a few major pieces from Bach like predure no 1 but even if it is in major key, It has sadness so I like it. Most of the pieces I listen from Bach and Vivaldi are in minor keys. All I listen from Mozart is in minor keys. I...
  8. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Which ya tink pwns moar? I prefer Major key Mozart overall, but I still think he should have composed more minor key stuff. If you think this poll is stupid, please tell us so in a highly condescending manner.
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    Ideally, I'd like a list of the essential works by the most influential classical composers. Would 'The History of Classical Music on 100 CDs' be a good place to start? How would you rate it? Is it missing anything? This is what it includes: 'Medieval - Baroque' section CD 1 Gregorian Chant...
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    Whoops, that title should read "...pieces or recordings of classical music". It's a strange thread title, I know, but what are some sassy pieces or recordings of pieces that you've heard? Think of some works or recordings that seem to describe arguments or are steeped heavily in sarcasm. The...
  11. Today's Composers
    The opening bars (thankfully) aren't the best bits of the piece. Tell me what you think!
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    Haha, I know I'm being a little specific here, especially due to a shorter number of minor-key pieces in this era, but what are some of your favorite Minor-Key Concertos from the Classical Period. This is my favorite era of music, and I'm particularly fond of minor-key pieces, so what are some...
  13. Music Theory
    Can anyone think of any examples of this happening in sonata form movements? Seems like an obvious way to bring some variation to the recapitulation while keeping it sounding like a recapitulation. I know this happens sometimes with the second theme group like in Mozart's String Quintet in G...
  14. Articles
    This is a paper that I wrote on Schubert's Erlkonig, looking at how the music portrays the text and making some possibly slightly funky, but hopefully interesting inferences. This is actually a slightly unpolished version, since I lost the one I ultimately made minor edits to and turned in. I...
  15. Classical Music Discussion
    Usually when I hear or read talk about Mozart's music, especially in contrast to Beethoven's, the narrative ends up being something along the lines of 'Mozart is the perfecter of the Classical style while Beethoven was the revolutionary'. Beethoven was certainly more revolutionary in the sense...
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    One of my favorite classical pieces from Mozart - Requiem in D minor: What are other similar pieces to this? :)
  17. Classical Music Discussion
    Mozart's Piano Concertos No. 20 & 24, in D minor and C minor, respectively, always have a special appeal to me. They are the few pieces that show the "deep and fierce" side of Mozart. For those of you who watched the movie "Amadeus", I can imagine Mozart, afflicted with diseases, treading on the...
  18. Opera
    It's official, we have a date and a place agreed! Everyone is welcome. Theatre seat booking isn't open yet. We'll try to get seats close together if we can, although that's a minor point really. We'll have a meal and drinks beforehand, probably during and after too! Currently committed...
  19. Classical Music Discussion
    Let's say the Classical Era is 1730-1820. I'll start: Mozart Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, K. 331 Haydn Piano Sonata in E minor, Hob. XVI/34, L. 53 Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 (Pathetique)
  20. Classical Music Discussion
    I am looking for pieces whose "official" keys are not really the keys they begin in. I am counting major and minor keys with the same tonal center as different. This includes pieces whose opening key is ambiguous or nonexistent. I am mostly interested in good pieces by good composers who...
1-20 of 22 Results