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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    If you were able to take movements from different Beethoven Symphonies and combine them into one (regardless of key), which would you do to make the ultimate Symphony? HOWEVER, each movement has to correlate with it's spot in the original Symphony. In other words, you can't have multiple first...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    What do you recommeded if I like Beethoven Symphony No.6 , Dvorak Symphony No.9 , both first movements violin and air sections .
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    my favorites movements are Beethoven Symphonys 3 , 9 but and especially Symphony No. 6 " The Pastorale " recently I listen Sibelius shymphonys and now I want to go to Richard Strauss . Any recommendations ?
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    What are some of your favorites Sibelius movements ? ( not neccesary in a Symphony )
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    Which of these two great Romantic piano works do you find more compelling to listen to? I love the Schumann Fantasy's 1st and last movements but think it is weakened overall by the 2nd movement March. To me, the Liszt Sonata is much more seamless and beautiful throughout the entire work.
  6. Religious Music
    There's a thread on sacred slow movements where people are proposing all sorts of instrumental music, romantic adagios that sort of thing. Lacking the god gene, I don't really understand the mindset. So I thought I'd start this off just for personal clarification of spirituality in music. So...
  7. Religious Music
    Looking for Spiritual and Sacre slow movements , including arias , adagios Like Mozart Lacrimosa , Allegri Miserere , ...not neccesary only chorus. I like Bach, but Im not familiar with his works, specially his mass . Today Im listening " Bach Messe H Moll Mass B minor " ... beautiful ...
  8. Ballet
    What are your five favorite ballet movements? We had this discussion a while ago. I believe it was in the CM forum before the Ballet forum existed. 1.Wilis Grand Pas - Giselle 2.Garland Dance - The Sleeping Beauty 3.Waltz of the Princesses - Swan Lake 4.Capture of the Firebird by Prince Ivan...
  9. Today's Composers
    i was going to submit the "music for wind nonet" i posted recently into the "young composer's challenge." submissions must be in by the end of april, though i just noticed yesterday that the maximum for an ensemble submission is 6 instruments. yeah. that piece took me a while, but i still...
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    I am looking for some examples of classical music works with exactly six movements, other than vocal works or masses. Here is what I have found: Mahler Symphony 3 Beethoven Quartet 13 Beethoven Septet Mozart Divertimento K563 (my favorite so far) Schubert Octet Any other good ones?
  11. Orchestral Music
    A continuation of the Saturday Symphonies Tradition: Welcome to another weekend of symphonic listening! For your listening pleasure this weekend: Igor Stravinsky (1882 - 1971) Symphony in 3 Movements 1. Overture; Allegro 2. Andante; Interlude: L'istesso tempo 3. Con moto...
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    What are your top 2 or more favorite movements in the brandenburg concertos? Mine are: No.6, Movement 3: After listening to the entire concertos, I find this movement to be the perfect ending. It's serene, calming and to me provides closure No.5, Movement 1: Typical, but I have a weak spot...
  13. Classical Music Discussion
    I find myself occasionally in the mood lately for quick-fix playlists for instant gratification - the "popular classics" sort of thing, the shorter works and "famous" individual movements or arias. You know: the Meditation from Thais, Mozart's Rondo alla turca, "Una furtiva lagrima", etc etc...
  14. Classical Music Discussion
    ...or Andante, or Lento, or Largo, etc. Simply, I seek your opinions on your favorite slow movements throughout all the classical music repertoire. Honestly, I believe there is something different about slow movements. Considerable research has shown that the human brain responds to a...
  15. Solo & Chamber Music
    Given your unique and particular musical tastes, of course, what are some of your favorite slow movements in the chamber repertoire? Adagios, lentos, andantes, etc. I am not asking for a dozen names that you can rattle off. I want specific movements, and why? What do you think makes that...
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm thinking Brandenberg Concertos (some movements) and some Stravinsky. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  17. Orchestral Music
    There are many symphonies. Many great symphonies too. Most symphonies have been composed in four movements, though there have always been symphonies with a different number of movements. Great examples are the early 3-movement symphonies by Haydn or Barber's Symphony in one movement, but there...
  18. Classical Music Discussion
    I can understand the ties, when there's a repeated motif of some kind... But generally, it seems to me that movements are separate pieces of music... I don't see the logic of grouping these pieces together... Is there something to listen for, to make sense of this?
  19. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm a guitarist and for an audition, I've been asked to play one movement from the Lute Suites by J.S. Bach. I'm just a little confused. Is a movement an entire one of the Suites, or is it something else?
  20. Orchestral Music
    In this thread, you need merely list your favorite movements from any number symphonies. List as many as you want. You may have ties if you really feel it necessary. Think carefully. Make your list as varied as possible. Add as much information (such as full composer name, number of...
1-20 of 20 Results