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  1. Identifying Classical Music
    I know it's a fairly well known piece, I've heard it before and that's why I want to know the name. It's not on the list of the music identified by Youtube, and it's not credited on the movie's soundtrack either! 14:30 to 15:30 mins Thank you.
  2. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Which are your favourite films/series about composers?
  3. Off Topic Pub
    Recommendations and suggestions welcome. For my criteria and ratings scale, go here: Note that this is not a complete list of films I'd recommend, just those that I consider among the "Greatest of All Time". In other words...
  4. Identifying Non-Classical music
    Hi, This one has been driving me nuts! I can only remember a short part from the piece that goes like this: a2-1641 e2-357 f2-360 g2-348 a2-344 f2-1340 d2-1221 a2-1367 e2-361 f2-353 g2-350 a2-363 f2. Thats been done with an internet flash piano on a site that "recognise" music. Numbers are for...
  5. Identifying Classical Music
    This extract is from old czech movie "Angel on holiday" and the actor in wood is playing on violoncello some old melody, I just know that its some classics and its NOT written by the composer of the movie soudtrack. It starts on 0:07. Please help, god bless you for your help!!!
  6. Off Topic Pub
    the title says it all. we already have a thread " top 10 soundtracks and top directors. It's pretty hard to limit it and choose only 10 , but why not :)
  7. The Movie Corner: Music for Cinema and TV
    I have spent the last five and a half years studying silent movies, and recently created two "needle-drop" type scores for two of them. I know how critical forums are so I am not really looking for "constructive feedback" per se. I realize there are some problems with the scores, and so I know...
  8. Solved Cases (archive)
    My friends, I am searching for days the piece of the movie "Stradivari" (1988), played to try different violins almost in the last part of the movie: some idea about who and what piece it is?
  9. The Movie Corner: Music for Cinema and TV
    I'll post something I posted elsewhere on a forum. Since I wrote them I guess they are owned by me: "Just saw it and I thought it was awesome. Breathtaking theater experience.....the music was simply the best I've seen live in a long time. It was a soundtrack, it really brought out was...
  10. Off Topic Pub
    Hello there, classical music and movie lovers just like me! I love cinema, and I want to explore new movies and directors. I am a professional musician, but I don't know much about cinema except for that I love it. I will present you with a few of my favorite films and directors, so you can...
  11. Off Topic Pub
    Movie recommendation thread Hello there! I thought maybe this thread could become the official movie recommendation thread of TC. Everybody could help anyone, and we would all benefit from that. Now let's begin! It has occurred to me that here might be the perfect place to ask for a...
  12. Off Topic Pub
    I did this once on another music forum and it was a lot if fun. This could also lead to numerous ToS violations so please stay within the rules. I just found out a "major" motion picture company has purchased the rights to Talk Classical and will be making a movie about our members (<---This is...
  13. Solved Cases (archive)
    I have been searching for years to find the name of a certain piece of music. My only recollection of it is from old movies or movie trailers. However out of all the threads and lists for "common", "top", or "most played" classical movie pieces, I have yet to find it. One piece of reference in...
  14. Keyboard Instruments
    One of my favorite movie about music and piano is Ray ( About Ray Charles ) What is your favorite piano or music movie ? this is a list of movies about piano
  15. Off Topic Pub
    What is your favorite movie duo? They must have made at least seven movies together so that leaves out such luminaries as William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy (six) , Mel Gibson/Danny Glover (four) and many others, including all in the 21st century. I'm sure I missed some so there's the "other"...
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have recently been listening to more and more classical music and really like epic, emotional, strong sounding pieces such as: where this video starts: and at this point (6min) in this video similarly, i also like a lot of movie soundtrack stuff, although i have most of...
  17. The Movie Corner: Music for Cinema and TV
    The Anvil of Crom rocks. Can you think of a piece of music movie that is better?
  18. The Movie Corner: Music for Cinema and TV
    Ockay ever notice horror movie had it's golden era , back than the horror movie soundtrack where classical score this was the case for countless film (the shining ect) even before this... Horror movies and the soundtrack that come whit it were fabuleous, but now i discover they put rap in...
1-18 of 32 Results