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  1. Identifying Classical Music
    G♯ b d f b d f a♭ d♯ f♯ a c f♯ a c e♭
  2. Opera
    I only know a few but I'm really enjoying exploring this genre. I have three Lully operas and a couple from Rameau. Charpentier I discovered only just he other day, and if only my Apple music hadn't crashed on me, I'd be hearing a lot more! Any other names in the french baroque opera scene I...
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    Good Morning! I am new to classical music, and I have a few Mozart pieces in my collection, it is really beautiful, but I don't now their names. Could someone please help me identify these songs? Thank you very much!
  4. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Carrying on from the great Romantic tradition, "... impressionism in music was a movement among various composers in Western classical music, mainly during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, whose music focuses on suggestion and atmosphere, "conveying the moods and emotions aroused by the...
  5. Off Topic Pub
    Just out of interest. There are so many fascinating and unusual screen names on this forum that it'd be interesting to learn more about then.
  6. Solved Cases (archive)
    I was watching this episode of Key and Peele and wanted to know the names of the songs used here... I know the first one is from Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky, but does anyone know the piece used from 1:50-3:00? And also the one that starts at 3:00 with the voice? I know that the last one (at...
  7. Off Topic Pub
    These imaginary people have first and last names which are palindromes, that is, they read the same way backwards and forwards . Arturo Orutra . Anton Notna . Carol Lorac . Franz Znarf . Alberto Otrebla . Peter Retep . Pablo Olbap . Leon Noel . Noel Leon . Rudolf Flodur . Lara Aral ...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    I've noticed a certain prejudice I have when it comes to exploring music I haven't yet heard or know very little about. Often the names of composers have influenced my decision whether to listen to them or not and this has had some adverse effects! For example: Arnold Bax, Robert Simpson and...
  9. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello. I was wondering if anyone would be able to identify the names of these pieces of music. Potentially the performing orchestra too, but I'd very much appreciate the titles if possible. These pieces are played in a fancy restaurant setting from The Sims Hot Date expansion pack: I run...
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    That's the song that i was talking about (my english is bad sorry) can you help me? I was searching for a while but i can't find it
  11. Keyboard Instruments
    I felt like making a poll, and I tried to include as many as I could. I voted too, for Böse. Edit: OMG! I forgot to include...Fazioli! Definitely should have added it in the place of some others.