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  1. Opera
    It is supposed to air at 9pm on Friday night, but I can't find it on my local PBS station.
  2. Opera
    Almost half of the views I have on my Youtube channel are just for this clip of Nilsson singing the end of Siegfried live. The comments are fun to read. Nilsson still has a big audience! The rest of my speeches are my Toastmaster speeches, where opera plays second fiddle to the organist Cameron...
  3. Opera
    I am doing a speech on Nilsson and will focus in one part on her acting. I know she had incredible successes when she worked with Wieland Wagner later in her career and she wrote about it in her book. With his Elektra she had 77 curtain calls!!!!!!! Did any of you see her live and can comment...
  4. Opera
    These are screencaps from a video of a Viennese song Nilsson did. She looks very trim and pretty I thought. EnjoyB
  5. Opera
    We often see reference on TC to the numerous performances by Maria Callas which we wish had been recorded, but what other performances are you aware of which would be fascinating to hear? I ask this because last night I came across an intriguing run of 3 performances of Die Walkure at the Met...
  6. Opera
    Finally someone alerted me that I had posted the wrong link to the Nilsson documentary. So sorry for the oversight:. I corrected it in the original posting but many of you had checked it out before I caught the mistake. It is a very wonderful documentary.
  7. Opera
    In Swedish, English and German, you get a real feel for the day to day life of the divine Nilsson. Some highlights are an extremely long session of the crowd going crazy after Visi D'arte and her masterful acknowledgement of the applause within character, her vocalizing up to high D before...
  8. Opera
    If you could go back in time and hear the great Birgit Nilsson in a live opera, which one would be your number one choice. She would certainly be one of the greatest interpreters of any of these roles. I used bad English for the poll question but don't know how to change it.
  9. Opera
    Sorry, no link! I post this somewhat provocative headline :lol: in honor of my receiving today La Nilsson -- My Life In Opera, the great diva's autobiography. Full of a self-deprecating sense of humor, the book is one I have only started but one that promises to be an immensely enjoyable read...
1-9 of 9 Results