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  1. Opera
    Let's not bother with who we like or dislike. For those who keep up with this kind of thing, who are the singers currently putting the bums on seats in opera houses around the world? Help me fill in the blanks and bring us all up to speed. Feel free to add. If you're able to rank the order...
  2. Opera
    The Callas fans on this forum will no doubt have heard of 'Nina Foresti'. The claim is that Callas appeared on Major Bowes Amateur hour (a radio talent contest) before she went to Greece. John Ardoin looked through the archives of the recordings of the radio broadcasts and thought that the...
  3. Opera
    Now that the official announcement has been done for next season, which productions are you most excited about? Elektra with Nina Stemme will be tops for me.
1-3 of 3 Results