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  1. Non-Classical Music
    This list and its accompanying poll encompass what I believe to be the best artists/bands in the Jazz Fusion genre. And yes, this is yet another shameless and petty attempt to rank artists ... and a celebration of the best in the genre!
  2. Blog
    Artist: Pink Floyd Album: The Dark Side of the Moon Year: 1973 Genre(s): Art Rock, Progressive Rock One of the main problems I have with this album is the overproduction - while some people love the "epic" feeling of the songs here, I find it too over-the-top. Plus I feel like Pink Floyd had...
  3. Blog
    Artist: Radiohead Album: OK Computer Year: 1997 Genre(s): Alternative Rock, Art Rock I wasn't a big fan of this one. The guitar tones used and vocals often got on my nerves, and it was overall too depressing-sounding for my tastes. If I were to pick some highlight tracks, they would be "Let...
  4. Non-Classical Music
    I would love to find some very good modern organ music, that is very unique sounding, soulful, and progressive. I really don't care much for some Jazz Organ, it's too derivative and it doesn't sound very positive. I like this one: Barbara Dennerlein & Adam Pache - "A Summer Day" in Larino -...
  5. Non-Classical Music
    How many albums do you own? (Classical and Non-Classical) My cd collection is approaching 1650
  6. Non-Classical Music
    Inspired by i was thinking that we TC'ers have enough jazz fans here to do a voting round similar to what is going on with the post-1950's. I don't think that we ever did this for a non-classical topic but it would be cool. Anyone...
  7. Recorded Music and Publications
    Today I got a new Crosley Cruiser portable vinyl player. I have decided to start a new diary of my vinyl collecting and adventures including classical and non-classical releases. Enjoy folks. Here she is:
  8. Non-Classical Music
    Yep, this is a thread to share any cool lyrics from non-classical songs. Here I start. Inspectah Deck in "Tru Master" Amateurs get hung with their own gold chains I swing blades, best bring grenades against A Tru Master, way beyond your freshman attempts Spit rounds on the floor, evidence of...
  9. Non-Classical Music
    First of all, I would like thank Ingelou for providing this original idea here: Let's play the game with non-classical music. Her rule is: "The idea is to plant stepping stones between one composer & another, moving backwards & forwards...
1-9 of 11 Results