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  1. Today's Composers
    My first music video. Don't hesitate to comment !
  2. The Movie Corner: Music for Cinema and TV
    "The pilot of a small aircraft, which is believed to have been registered to famed film composer James Horner, was killed when the plane crashed into a remote area about 60 miles north of Santa Barbara on Monday. It was not immediately clear whether or not the pilot was Horner himself."...
  3. Opera
    Hi everyone. I was just searching for upcoming performances of Wagner's Ring Cycle, and this company was one of the groups putting it on in 2016. I know nothing about the company, and also nothing about the Southbank Centre in London. Could someone here clue me in on the quality of...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    This post is about inuit classical composers, of the great north, i was wonderng what kind of classical music was comming from Greenland, any inuit or danish(greelander) classical composer over there Worth mentioning? What about iceland or classical composer of sami origin or classical composer...
1-4 of 4 Results